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Old 12th October 2012, 14:29   #1
Dominance Electricity
Global Surveyor
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Matrix Electrofunk Resistance (Dominance Electricity) - new limited CLEAR vinyl re-issue! (2x12"/CD/MP3/Poster)

Dominance Electricity's "ELECTROFUNK RESISTANCE" [DR-048.019, EAN 4042564128888]

01. Principles Of Geometry "Americhael" ...France
02. Datassette "Blue Monday" (V4) ...England
03. Casio Social Club vs XS Night "More Love" [Vinyl & CD exclusive] ...England
04. Sygaire & Defcon feat. Capitol A "The Latest" (Electro Mix) ...Germany
05. The Artificial Arm "Get Down (To The Sound)" ...England
06. Fendaheads "Oxygen" ...Germany
07. Dynamik Bass System "Evolution" ...Germany
08. Roko Dragonbreath "Planet Europia" ...The Netherlands
09. DJ Sing feat. Andre Kaman "Let's Do It" ...Australia
10. Diamondback Kid "Lost Souls" ...England
11. Reggie Blount "Shining Star" ...New Zealand
12. Biepang "Neon Parallels" ...USA

Deutschland's Tor zu den Sternen der internationalen Electrofunk-, Bass- & Breaks-
Szene – Dominance Electricity – meldet sich zurück mit dem lang erwarteten Nachfolger
von Veröffentlichungen wie der letztjährigen interstellaren "Astronauten" EP von Dagobert
& Kalson, Blastromen's epischem Album "Human Beyond", dem dritten Teil der galaktischen
"Global Surveyor" New-School-Electro-Serie von 2010 oder Dynamik Bass System's
zeitlosem Long-Player "The Mighty Machine".

Das neue Various-Artist-Album "ELECTROFUNK RESISTANCE" transportiert zwölf perfekt
geformte, sexy ElectroFunk- & RobotPop-Songs für Erwachsene. Sorgfältig zusammen-
getragen aus drei Kontinenten, ergibt sich ein farbenfrohes Mosaik aus verschiedenen
Electrobreak-Stilen mit dem gemeinsamen Schwerpunkt auf einer extra Dosis Funk.

Für die perfekte Einheit aus Klang und Vision sorgt das begleitende Cover-Artwork von
Japan's legendärem "Sexy Robot"-Illustrator Hajime Sorayama.

Germany's gate to the stars of the international electrofunk, bass & breaks scene –
Dominance Electricity – is back in effect with the long awaited follow up to releases such as
last year's interstellar "Astronauten EP" EP by Dagobert & Kalson, Blastromen's epic "Human
" album, the third installment of the galactic "Global Surveyor" new school electro
series or Dynamik Bass System's timeless long player "The Mighty Machine".

The new various artist compilation album "ELECTROFUNK RESISTANCE" transports
twelve perfectly sexy shaped electrofunk & adult robotpop jams. Carefully selected from
three continents, the songs draw a colorful mosaic of different electrobreak styles all sharing
an extra dose of funk.

For the perfect unity of sound and vision, the accompanying cover-artwork is provided by
none other than Japan's legendary sexy robot illustrator Hajime Sorayama.


Please help share the teaser video and let all your funky friends know about the new release.

Save your copy & ORDER NOW:

the new Dominance shop
VINYL (2x12" black) edition 250 copies SOLD OUT
VINYL (2x12" transparent blue + MEGA POSTER) edition 250 copies SOLD OUT
VINYL (2x12" transparent red + MEGA POSTER) edition 100 copies SOLD OUT
VINYL (2x12" transparent glass clear) edition 100 copies
CD (Digipak, gold pressing)
MEGA POSTER solo (84 x 59 cm / 33 x 23 inch)

MP3s/WAVs via
iTunes Juno Beatport Musicload Amazon etc

[click to enlarge]

Digital formats will be distributed via Finetunes to online music shops such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Musicload, JunoDownload etc. Physical formats will be distributed worldwide via ALIVE AG and Dominance Distribution. Via Phononet all Dominance releases are also available to order in all major German music store chains (Müller, Saturn, Mediamarkt etc).

Connect with Dominance Electricity at...

Also check out the freshly remixed Dominance Electricity HOMEPAGE for more infos on our Electro
releases & activities in the last 16 years non-stop since 1996:

Also available...
New LUMINOUS Dominance Electricity T-Shirt!

Also available...
New single taken from the "Electrofunk Resistance" album...
FENDAHEADS "Oxygen" and the new ElectroBass bonus track "Break Of Dawn" on clear 12" vinyl!

In the news...
Dominance Electricity's "ELECTROFUNK RESISTANCE" featured
in todays issue of the MZ (Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, german daily newspaper).

Bigger image:

Limited Edition re-press 2x12" red transparent vinyl...

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Old 12th October 2012, 16:07   #2
Casio Keyboard
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get down to my technique
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Old 12th October 2012, 17:03   #3
The Real Review
Power Cable
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Thumbs up

Excellent stuff !

Who needs released over 25 years to late Non-Crucial Electro 4
when fresh new comps like this are around !

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Old 12th October 2012, 17:29   #4
M-Audio Venom
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Super Fresh !!
Top notch Electrofunk
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Old 12th October 2012, 18:18   #5
Digital Revenge
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Great stuff ... and ordered
thumbs up dominance
edit:will there be a 4th part of the global surveyor series in the future?

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Old 13th October 2012, 07:08   #6
computron bass
Power Cable
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Excellent !!!!! Proper electro funk! " Evolution" sounds smoking hot! What a synth line!
Must order!
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Old 13th October 2012, 14:20   #7
Casio Keyboard
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Super great stuff! I really dig that up beat funk sound!
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Old 13th October 2012, 14:48   #8
Moog Voyager
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Essential Electro great to see the return of Dominance Electricity with another fresh release,gotta love that poster too
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Old 13th October 2012, 19:07   #9
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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Vinyls and CDs are ready. We'll ship all pre-orders on October 31st / November 1st.
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Old 14th October 2012, 15:05   #10
Korg Vocoder
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Originally Posted by djnunk View Post
Excellent production

A robot walks into a bar, orders a drink, and the Bartender says, "Hey, we don't serve robots."
The robot says, "Oh, but someday you will."
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Old 15th October 2012, 20:02   #11
Power Cable
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Red face

Fu**ing massive!

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Old 15th October 2012, 21:36   #12
Korg Vocoder
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really great!!!

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Old 16th October 2012, 09:00   #13
Korrupted Brothers
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Yeahhh I need it !!! great work !!!
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Old 16th October 2012, 14:39   #14
Korrupted Brothers
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Order placed !!!! waiting for it !!
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Old 19th October 2012, 05:26   #15
NuBreed Radio
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nice one
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dominance electricity

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