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  •…2030-dark-science-electro The 587th episode of Dark Science Electro Lazercat - Mindfl1ght Ole Mic Odd - Crystal Drip (feat Drakkar Noir) DJ Godfather - Games With WOPR Aether Pilot - Parallel Space DVS NME - Antitrust Luz1e - Binary Compulsion Jauzas The Shining - Soumission Sonar Base - Arrival At Dwell Probe Undefined Pattern - Siglo Xxi Microthol - More Detections Polyop - Casual Dinner Solvent - Curtains D'Arcangelo - Diagram XI Fukkt - Good Home Street

  • The 586th episode of @DarkScienceElectro in memory of @Victoria-Lukas Zerkalo - Warning You Artist Code 564FAC - I'll See You Again Reptant - The Outcast Alek Stark & Victoria Lukas - Memories Victoria Lukas & Jauzas The Shining - Follow Me Inkamera - No Dead Man's Cries Aether Pilot - Screen Phosphor R325 - 910510819 Zerkalo - Experiment Zero DVS NME - Close To Home DJ Astrobee - HV 2112 Mystics Elecktroids - Silicon Valley The Hacker - Love Kraft Biochip - The Leg…

  •…2030-dark-science-electro The 584th episode of Dark Science Electro DJ Astrobee - Aqualand Basic Shape - Cosmic Traveller Obergman - Hyksos Ashtar Lavanda - Unsolved Mysteries Anthony Rother - Genstruktur Volsoc - Compuphonic Morphology - Frozen State Versalife - Exosuit Cosmox - Electrostress Code Rising - Beat Machines DMX Krew - RAM Expansion DVS NME - Mechanical Solidarity R325 - 1014016320 Fotoapparat - Straßenkampf

  •…2030-dark-science-electro The 583rd episode of Dark Science Electro as published on 10/16/20 Parand - Altair One Client_03 - Interest Reset Plant43 - Storm Control Cyphon - Xenotech Go Nuclear - Exotic Dancer Aether Pilot - Parallel Space Basic Shape - Cosmic Traveller Junq - Binary Suns DVS NME - Commanding Heights Nullptr - Many Worlds Teslasonic - Cyber Flow Silicon Scally - Dormant Ummo Science - Pluricosmos Cyan85 - Time Elapsed

  • The 580th episode of @DarkScienceElectro Boris Divider - Ликвидаторы DJ K1 - Retro Electro Aquatronics - Hexogenic Motion X2000 - Ghouls Terens K - Powerful JRE Dato08 - Ascender Fleck ESC - Domino Production Versalife - SH09 Armec - Twilight Sepulchre Cyan85 - Aquasma Lowfish - Lung Of The Clock Detroit's Filthiest - What Lies Beneath CEM3340 - Micro Composer Arp 220 - Meur Mei Koova - Dark Science Electro

  • Techmarine Bottom Feeders - Thal Assa Thede Stroyer AXJ2000 - Trickle Konerytmi - Dekooderi Arsonist Recorder - Cucumber False Persona - Subtraction CYRK - Obsession 214 - Quick Start Teslasonic - The Game Is Out There DVS NME - Reciprocity Paul Villard - Submarine Limousine Silicon Scally - Proximity Sensor Datawave - Ohm-I Sound Synthesis - ADSR606 (Shawscape Renegade remix) Japanese Telecom - Beta Capsule

  •…sioneselectro-010-dvs-nme 01 Obergman - Fibonacci Horizon [Stilleben Records] 02 Terrestrial Access Network - Voltage Anagnorisis [Dionysian Mysteries] 03 Cignol - Galactic Neighborhood [Distant Worlds] 04 Djedjotronic - Global Surveillance [Boysnoize Records] 05 Gosub - The Blue In Blackness [Cultivated Electronics] 06 Roadking - Born To Ride [Satamile Records] 07 Francois Dillinger - No Re-Entry (DG Remix) [Blind Allies] 08 Fleck E.S.C - Phormalistic [Fleck E.S.C…

  • The 576th episode of @DarkScienceElectro Maelstrom & Louisahh - Ascender 4Cantons - Fracas Escalor Silicon Scally - Proximity Sensor Koova - Release AS1 - One Night Stand Anthony Rother - Model SM Jauzas The Shining - Posidonia Robodroid - Make Electro Dark Again Ashtar Lavanda - Rozwell CYRK - Holographic Kosh - Chaos In The City Ufaze - The Forewarning Binary Digit - 808AF Eluize - Supposed F. Vinuesa - Infected System

  •…sets/dse-artist-showcases For this special episode of @DarkScienceElectro we dive into an artist highlight for @Isophlux label head/artist @Gosubofficial Miami's Gosub (Shad T. Scott) has been bringing his brand of strong Electro/Techno out for over 20+ years. Working with such respected labels as Libertine, Point One, Citinite, Abstract Forms, Frustrated Funk, and his own record label Isophlux Records just to name a few. Today we see new activities and experiments…

  • The 573rd episode of @DarkScienceElectro DJ Astrobee - Freak Cableman Aether Pilot - Rotorman Mumm - Cell Phone Japanese Telecom - Beta Capsule Ashtar Lavanda - Moth Gucci Bass - Panther Radioactive Man - One Out FAH - Sent To Breaker (Quadratschulz remix) RX-101 - Hearts Utd. Binary Digit - 808AF Blixaboy - Garanta Cyan85 - Aquasma Carlos Sicrock - Dark Engineers (Maschine Brennt remix) Ubahnrider - Poppin It Since '86 DVS NME - Depersonalization

  • In celebration of 808 day (the 8th of August) I have put together a non-stop mix of songs that feature the Roland TR-808 drum machine. This mix isn't solely Electro music and it highlights the flexibility of the machine within the context of Hip Hop, R&B, Electro, Shoegaze, Industrial, House, Soul, Rap, Techno and more. The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is a drum machine introduced by the Roland Corporation in 1980. It was one of the earliest drum…

  • The 572nd episode of @DarkScienceElectro Parand - Mr. Spacely (Vertical67 remix) Japanese Telecom - Bullet Train AS1 - Nightmares In A Blur Arpanet - Einstein Ring ERP - Untitled/Unreleased Mumm & DVS NME - Physical Distance Rutherford - Spoken Word Morphology - Gray Code Gosub - Fuck Satan Nullptr - Dimensional Analysis AUX 88 - Stereolized DVS NME - Reciprocity Techmarine Bottom Feeders - Sons Of Thunder (Ectomorph remix) Scape One - Click Click Drone Kraftwerk - …

  •…sets/dark-science-electro London Modular Alliance - Glass Cannon (Alex Jann remix) Anthony Rother - Stellarator Blixaboy - I Am Eternity Code Rising - Burn The Machines A Sagittariun - The Soft Machine Baby T - We Could Disappear Konerytmi - Sahkomusiikki' Radioactive Man & Ben Pest - Bar Tab Drexciya - Beyond The Abyss Dopplereffekt - Satellites Detroit's Filthiest - Final Countdown Gosub - Hunter DVS NME - Mono No Aware MystesSystem - Positive Anomaly

  • DVS NME - Dunklewissenschaft



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  • The 570th episode of Dark Science Electro Konerytmi - Televisio The Exaltics - NGC 253 Animistic Beliefs - Ojo De Las Grayas Mumm - Noise Detroit's Filthiest - Skrippers & Skrimps Larry McCormmick - Escape Geistform - Static Model Kosh - Arab In Space Zeta Reticula - Endless Clue Konerytmi - Taskulaskin Steve Allman - Possessed The Advent - Boogie Electro DMX Krew - Zaibatsu Gated Reverb - Isolation Solvent - Discontinued Parts Partisan MIDI - Phono Abduction DVS NM…

  • Blixaboy - Digitalspy 6HG Aether Pilot - Rotormen Sergey Timoshov - UR-38 365 Syrte - Obedience Paradox CYRK - Solar Mechanics False Persona - Catalyst Arsonist Recorder - React Relaxant - Bacterial Injection Plastic Sleeves - Journey Home (Textasy remix) Metroneem - Skip Code Das Muster - Wellenformen DVS NME - Commanding Heights

  • The 568th episode of Dark Science Electro The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller - Signal Filtering Interstellar Noise Shawn Cartier - Dimpler Cyan85 - Contamination Ph0nk Syrte - Simulation Assimilation Plant43 - Pale Staghorn K. Dallas - Helion Prime Zeta Reticula - Endless Clue Richard Easel - Deckard's Dream Armec - Transcend Maschine Brennt - Systematyka II Cosmox - Electrostress Datacrashrobot - Burst Transmission The Hidden Figure - Stolen Tears Poperttelli - BBB Mo…

  • DVS NME - Dunklewissenschaft



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  •…quincentenary-episode-500 What better way to celebrate the 500th episode of @DarkScienceElectro than by rewinding 10 years in order to take a listen to the first-ever episode of the show!? Backstory: I got my start doing this podcast more than 10 years ago on April 23rd of 2010. I was just 26 years old and was interested in sharing my definition of Electro music with the world and I saw an opportunity with Soundcloud's growing audience. I fully assumed my efforts w…

  • DVS NME - Dunklewissenschaft


    Post Less than a year after his 2019 release entitled ‘Trans Asia Express’, DVS NME returns with a collection of original tracks that were produced between 2018-2020. This 30-track album is a not-so-subtle nod to the Electro inspirations that have helped to influence the DVS NME sound that has developed over the course of the last 20 years. The most obvious influence is that of Detroit pioneers Drexciya and subsequent projects by Gerald Donald. The alb…