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  • check it freaks:) 5/30/18 Kraftjerkz Label Night 7: Numbers Beat Till 4am DJs Neud Photo (Kraftjerkz // Return to Disorder // Mysidian) Alex From Queens Datkat (Analog Soul) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz // Lost Soul Enterprises) Dive into the electro collections of these four veteran selectors. Expect a mix of electrofunk, miami bass, freestyle, and electrotechno. 4 on the floor is forbidden. Join us for some legit funk:) 10pm-4am // no-cover // 21+ Bossa Nova Civ…

  • LSE12 Polymer / Kid Ginseng

    Kraftjerkz - - NEW RELEASES


    New Joint. enjoy freaks:)…-kid-ginseng-sample-clips On their latest release, Lost Soul Enterprises welcome two new artists into the fold for a retrofuturistic tour of the electro galaxy. POLYMER is a brand new project from Nico Nightingale (Neud Photo) and Jean Lorenzo (Silent Em). The A1, "Arrester," plods menacingly forward, its cascades of pads evoking a nighttime excursion through a cyberpunk cityscape. The follow up, "Mov_Type," increases pace a bit, offering …

  • Hello freaks, free download //Veteran Detroit-based electro and technobass producer, DJ Di'jital, brings some hard funk to Kraftjerkz in the form of a remix of Remora - Untamed Fauna off of the 12" Remora - Symbiotic. "it's timmme…"…amed-fauna-dj-dijital-mix enjoy:) :)-r KG

  • rave review from Electric Kingdom Magazine.…mora-Symbiotic-Kraftjerkz

  • Brenecki mix. a preview for the party.

  • March 27th Brooklyn Kraftjerkz Label Night 6: Numbers Beat till 4am Brenecki B2B Playsuit Amourette (REMEDY) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz / Lost Soul Enterprises) What a treat to have 6 hours of real machine funk in NYC. Numbers beat till 4am is electro. All of these DJs are crate diggers. freaks, come join us:) the latest Kraftjerkz release, Remora / Symbiotic EP will be available at the event. … raftjerkz/ No Cover / 21 +…

  • Hello freakz, check this mix:)…-kid-ginseng-samo-megamix free download. Samo Records. We got something special for our 12th edition of the podcast series. Very glad to welcome Kid Ginseng from @kraftjerkz, who did a unique Samo Records Megamix! Kid Ginseng is no stranger to the electro scene, bringing his old skool approach to the decks, and releasing impeccable electro through his label. Enjoy this megamix! Artwork by Nikola Sladakovic :)-r KG

  • Hello Freaks, new electrofunk megamix…f-the-living-funk-megamix free download// "They're coming to get you Barbara!" quite a few Kraftjerkz releases mixed in here amongst klazziks with plenty of low-end to jam the box! photo by Feral Lamb. Enjoy:) :)-r KG

  • Kid Ginseng - Reasons To Be Funky Megamix…asons-to-be-funky-megamix electrofunk megamix free download//DJ Quest, inventor of hamster style: "Kid Ginseng back at it again! HOT MEGAMIX featuring saucy dance flashbacks and electro beats. Party breaks style on the uptempo tip!" An unorthodox 5 minute mix featuring italo disco melodies and past Kraftjerkz releases rooted down by fresh 707 programming with some klazziks of course. enjoy:) :)-robin KG

  • New Release, Remora, an alias of Maroje T, one of the main forces in New York Electro, returns to Kraftjerkz with raw, distorted drums, deep filters, and a profound mood adapted to the dance floor. listen to previews and pre-order 12" vinyl here:

  • weds. Jan 24th 1/24/18 Brooklyn based Alonzo headlines the 5th, potent dive into the electrofunk, miami bass, and freestyle collections of four crucial NYC DJs currently active in this vein. Fast Detroit and EU elektro also permitted. Alonzo (Kraftjerkz//WT) Alex from Queens (Capriccio) Unjust Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz//Lost Soul Enterprises) Kraftjerkz remains a crucial New York Electro label with titles available through Halcyon The Shop…

  • November 29 2017

  • Brooklyn Nite Kraft Klub 1271 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn New York USA

  • Kraftjerkz label Night 4: Numbers Beat till 4am 4th Kraftjerkz label night featuring numbers beat records from the Electrofunk, Miami Bass, and Freestyle collections from some of NYCs core DJs active in this vein. Amourette (Remedy) Maroje T (Kraftjerkz / Pinkman) Chase Smith (Kraftjerkz / WT / Apartment / Partial Magic) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz / Lost Soul Enterprises) the label responsible for a few of new york electro's main releases this year. https://www.…

  • DJ Raedawn and Kid Ginseng cutting to fast electro! video enjoy:) :)-robin KG

  • Hello fellow freaks, I have revised this album to add 10 minutes and also get rid of any wackness. KRAFTJERKZ 032 warning: contains electrofunk and extreme turntablism continuous album. … ion-1-k9vd thanks for checking:) smile.png-robin KG 2471388893

  • check this mix. a whole block of classic miami and sort of Neo-miami too including Kraftjerkz tracks. planet rock shock. thanks to Etherial Beatbox on Newtown Radio, Brooklyn. and thanks to the real robot freaks. salute! :)-r KG free download.

  • Podcast discussing Computer World by Kraftwerk. included in this discussion is Kid Ginseng of Kraftjerkz. many freaks may know this info already but it came out really classy. there are some special notes in there. … -kraftwerk If you imagine a Venn diagram of musical genres, you may not immediately think of Kraftwerk being the common ground for artists creating and performing pop-rock, funk, soul, and hip-hop. Yet, there in the middle, connecting them, is…

  • August 23 8/23/17 10pm-4am KRAFTJERKZ LABEL NIGHT 3: NUMBERS BEAT TILL 4am … null%22%7D at Brooklyn Nite Kraft Klub Myrtle Ave. Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, USA email me for exact location: No nonsense New York Electro with numbers beat all night featuring electrofunk, freestyle, miami bass, europian elektro. Plenty of boom. There will most likely be merch from the label. DJs Neud Photo (Kraftjerkz/Return to Disorder/Mysidian) Kid Gin…

  • pre-order is over. it's out.…mm-product-detail/274145/