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  • Seems everyone forum usually has one of these threads for dropping tunes in. I can't seem to see one. I've been following Eric Copeland for a good few years and this just dropped. The original is decent but remix really shines. Also any chance we can have embedded Soundcloud?…-mixer-shredder-lns-remix

  • yeah this mix made such a powerful impact when I heard it nearly 17 years ago. I use to have something installed that would like me rip Real Player streams and think I might have some others. found out the amazing song at 37:00 is Plaid & Jonah Sharp - Soon (1995)

  • I was surprised to see an electro and techno set won best Essential Mix of the year. I'd not heard of her before and got it on now. Electro must be popular again? Tracklist is stacked Helena Hauff – Essential Mix 2017-02-25 tracklist: Obergman – Rosetta [Brokntoys] Jenson Interceptor – Mactavis [Central Processing Unit] Urbanjedi – Journey To Jupiter [Melodies Souterraines] Sync 24 & Silicon Sally – Clickjacking (Vox Edit) [Cultivated Electronics] Transparent Sound – No Call From New York (Origi…

  • back in my day I remember when... how many active members do we have

  • Mr Velcro Fastener - Phlegmatic

  •…nce-10-01-01-groove-tech/ I could do with some help IDing tracks from this old Groovetech mix. I can only remember a couple. Phako - Bolnes Fragmented DI Indicator - Nothing Like You Chromatix - Pitch Control (Transparent Sound Remix) Sniper Mode - Big City Lights üNN - Three Pilots (Remix) - The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me Two Lone …

  • Tracklistings

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    There's so many old Electro mixes I've kept hold of or still find from years ago and I haven't a scooby doo what half the songs are that are being played. Shazam is a fat load of good and there's no where to look on the Internet for assistance. We need to use our collective knowledge of this shit before it dies off and get the songs we do know down on sites like to stand some chance of keeping the music alive. It's 3:30am and I can't remember what this is called. (2h44m50s)…

  • Online Electro Radio Stations

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    Intergalactic FM formerly Cybernetic Broadcasting System have always been the best.

  • Electro Rebirth (1998-2004)

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    I don't know what you would call this era but it was when I first started listening to the modern Electro that was being released. It was mainly through a lot of the Groovetech Radio's shows that introduced me to so much new music. Daily visits to hear the new shows from Orson Bramley's Perverted Science, Weatherall's Haywire Sessions, Sherman & Curly Electrocuted and ADJ's Pyramid Transmissions. There was so much stuff coming out you were spoilt for choice. I wish I could have kept copies of al…

  • Electro Empire 4.0

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    It's good to have this back. I can't stand Facebook.