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  • Electro Empire 4.0

    DJ MIRAGE - - EE Info


    Good stuff Matt !!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Studios



    Quote from superfunkofficial;72177: “you want to see a real, yes i say a real electrofunk studio, here it is !!! Vintage%20studio%202014%20superfunk.jpg I understand the guys who post pictures of their studio but if they don't have any vintage machines like808 or p5 , no interest !!!” Shat that studio here's a real Electrofunk studio! tumblr_mb01kiWv2w1rgicy2o1_500.jpg Got rid of my 808 they're shite compared to the LEGO-technic 9000 anyway i can churn out the Gold hits in no time with that. I c…

  • Cool line up nice 1 bro have a great night.

  • Final part of this mix series thanks to all who supported it especially Andy (Bass Agenda) for playing it (Part 3) on his radio show. Respect Nick. DL Link - You'll need WINrar to extract the files. 1235342_655366461140575_1608839276_n.jpg CRITICALLY DEF PART 3 _______________________ 01. MC K-Cold & DJ Rock D - Yellow Hammer 02. Just Ice - Little Bad Johnny 03. Latin Rascals - Bach To The Future 04. Egyptian Lover - My House, Baby (Greg Wilson Electro Edit) 05. Th…

  • Critically Def Part 2 of a 3 part mix series. Old School Electro Rap/Hip Hop. Mixed By DJ Mirage & UCee5.…art_2_DJ_Mirage_UCee5.rar CD_2.jpg Critically Def PART 2 Track List. ------------------------------- 01. R.M.G - R.M.G Featuring Beat Box Squeaky G 02. Gold Voltron - To Whom The Bell Tolls (Beat) 03. White Boy Crew - Popeye Rap 04. Raheem The Dream - The Rahim Twins 05. A Tack - A Tack On The Wax 06. Singing MC Breeze & Hand Master Flash - It Ain't New York 07…

  • Here's the full track list also added link for Bonus Beats below. Critically Def Part 1 Bonus Beats. 01. Mci-The Commandments 02. Mci-The Commandments (Instrumental) 03. Mister Slick And The Cool Johnski,The Critically Intense Association Of Urban Lord Posse, Featuring M.C./A.C. ‎– No Joke 04. 8 Ball & MJG Feat OutKast - Throw Your Hands Up 05. 8 Ball & MJG Feat OutKast - Throw Your Hands Up (Instrumental) 06. Mantronix-Fresh Is The Word…

  • Thanks for having me on board. RIP Giuseppe

  • Quote from doctorcrack;69502: “nice mix, i was checking it out. im not a specialist in IDing Acapellas and instrumentals or short samples, just too lazy to think about the tracknames. I do not know the random rap tracks. but here are some electro/rap tracks i hear in your mix. i update the list. ” Cool Doc. i've updated. 01. MCI-Commandments 02. MCI-Commandments (Instrumental) 03. Mister Slick And The Cool Johnski,The Critically Intense Association Of Urban Lord Posse, Featuring M.C./A.C. ‎– No …

  • Quote from idiotproof67;69494: “I'll start it off & fill them out as they come to me when I have a moment. It's going to bug the heck out of me though.” Just shuffled the order around a bit but that's it no more help. 01. MCI-Commandments 02. MCI-Commandments (Instrumental) 03. Mister Slick And The Cool Johnski,The Critically Intense Association Of Urban Lord Posse, Featuring M.C./A.C. ‎– No Joke 04. ?? 05. ?? 06. Mantronix-Fresh Is The Word (Acapella) 07. Mantronix-Fresh Is The Word 08. ?? beat…

  • Critically Def Part 1 of a 3 part mix. Old School Electro Rap/Hip Hop. Mixed By DJ Mirage & UCee5.…art_1_DJ_Mirage_UCee5.mp3 No Tracklist ! That would take the fun out it. Features some rare and obscure tracks and a few more common ones. Who ever names all the 42 tracks and artists including all acapellas and instrumentals will receive a copy of the mix on CD with cover art. Part 2 Coming in August. CD_PART1.jpg 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 1…

  • Crucial 4



    Quote from nuklion;69419: “Iv'e not ordered it, but would be interested in feed back of the way it's mixed, SS latest comps have not impressed me.” Perhaps you should mix the next ones and show everyone how it's done.

  • Quote from Cozmo D;66675: “Well, looks like it was another successful night for the SS fans and another disappointing result for the haters! :D” Haters ? lol i don't believe you. How could such a wonderful company that has such great respect for all whom they deal with possibly have haters !

  • New SoundChasers Release!!



    Nice release BOOM !!!!!!

  • So i'm guessing after reading this and watching the videos that Shannon will be miming then when she performs in London at the SS 30th? Peeps may as well stay at home and watch top of the pops2 on TV instead then as its free

  • This taken from the Blastromen facebook page - Due to many enquiries: We will maintain the full possible throttle to get the new EP package ready latest in the last quarter of the year! Stay tuned! Blastromen

  • Quote from LiveWire;65155: “No fuckin way! This dude Fitzpatrick was one of the total hardcore SS soldiers aswell. So it seems i was also right about getting blocked/banned/deleted from the SS Facebook page for asking a question...and not for any form of abuse or god forbid...being friends with that Evil Mirage ” Hang on a minute Hold it now..................hit it! It would appear hes changed his mind RE: Crucial 4 Richard Fitzy Fitzpatrick- 28th July If its on time it will be a first lol but J…

  • It would seem that even the Official Street Sounds Facebook Group admin have their doubts about this event. Richard Fitzy Fitzpatrick 13th July iv finaly left streetsounds cant be doing with the crap and bullshit from them Mixmaster Mirage 13th July what brought it all on ? Richard Fitzy Fitzpatrick 13th July its been coming for ages things like having to block anyone thay questions the label or group and today the dj cheese thing hes ripping everyone off and that last album was crap ,i just fee…

  • Quote from 155;64645: “Nick. I'm looking forward to being there, hopefully I'll get the chance to meet some more EE people in person. 155 :)” I doubt that you'll be meeting that many people from EE this is an Electro forum not a soul one.

  • Quote from 155;64615: “It is an anniversary show celebrating '30' years of 'Streetsounds', not 30 years of the 'Streetsounds Electro' series. 155 :)” Still saying that Rob there should be some electro acts playing it was one of SS main sellers back in the day and the majority of SS facebook group fans are electro and hip hop heads i mean Loose Ends and Lee John of Imagination have now been added to the line up i know i wont be buying a ticket i'm not much into soul weekenders this is an electro …