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  • i didn't make the track but i am on the mailing list of the label. I'm friends with them on Facebook.

  • I think it might be in the wrong section. cuz there is rapping over the verses i thought I would put here. i.. The queens speech in the video is LOL material..i dont care!

  • caught an email from the guys behind Greasy Geezers. Its a UK garage release. I thought that scene was done and dusted. It would be great if UKG tracks got more attention. This tune is a nice concept. The music video is animation and and a laugh. single out now on itunes and the rest. Music Video with queens speech at end Soundcloud (full track)

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    bruce_mc - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    digital release 8 track ep. itunes/beatport, juno. dirty electro. music video with humour below. Greasy Geezers vs Caveman - Fry You Like Fish @ The Jam sexy mermaid in video greasy_mermaid-e1317157273570.jpg EDM release by indie label I-innovate (UK). nuff said.

  • I was a fan of Caveman back in the day. i've got to support this! mcmcaveman - sampler one [ame=''][/ame] mcmcaveman - sampler two [ame=''][/ame] mcmcaveman - sampler three - NEW!!! [ame=''][/ame] Artist: MCM Album: The Gospel [1994-2011] The Missi…

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    bruce_mc - - Hip Hop / Rap


    SERIOUS RECOMMENDATION FOR THOSE IN TO REAL HIP HOP! . MCM - The Gospel Album..OUT NOW Album Sampler One [ame=''][/ame] Album Sampler Two [ame=''][/ame] Album Sampler - Gospel Prelude [ame=''][/ame] Click link for Digital Store! ITUNES 7DIGITAL AMA…

  • DUDES. Im gonnagive you a deep-ass run down on this album. Anyone in to authentic UK hip-hop may remember a group called CAVEMAN. They had some chart success back in the day with I’m ready. believe it or not but 15 years later their rapper MCM is about to drop a album called THE GOSPEL. Below is a press release i was sent. They always dealt with funky jazz breaks and from what I’ve heard of the new album they have kept true to their roots. Artist: MCM Album: The Gospel [1994-2011] The Missing Ge…