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  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Iceman Ja - The Transformer (On-Fire Electronic Records) 2018 12" vinyl LP, 200 copies limited A1. Electro Bass Funk A2. Excessive Bass A3. Virus In the Machine A4. Bass Machine A5. Mega Jon's Bass Booming (scratched by DJ Needlz) B1. The Transformer (scratched by DJ Needlz) B2. The Transformer World Mix (co-produced by Heliobranco, E-Rocker, Wilson Oliver) B3. Excessive Bass W.O. & E.R. Remix (produced by E-Rocker, Wilson Oliver) B4. Need…

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Code Rising & Analog To Future - Quantum Data Vol.1 (Ascendant Recordings) limited edition black and red marbled 12" vinyl EP, 180g pressing A1. Code Rising & Analog To Future - Automatic Mastermind A2. Code Rising & Analog To Future - Flash Of Light (2018 Remaster) B1. Code Rising - Messages From Cylon B2. Code Rising - Messages From Cylon (Analog To Future Remix) black vinyl: red marbled vinyl…

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Mr. Ho - Tales from Bao'An County (Klasse Wrecks) 12" vinyl A1. Western Lake Boat Race B1. Nice View Driving B2. A Gathering Of Old Friends Check it out at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 De Sluwe Vos - Judas EP (Patron 004) 12" vinyl A1. Beefheart Girl Where Are You A2. Judas B1. Switching Lanes B2. Light At The End Of The Lake Check it out at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Shahara-Ja - I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Remixes) (Left Ear) 12" vinyl A1. I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Dub Mix) B1. I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Vocal Mix) B2. I'm An Arabian Knight (Egyptian Lover Instrumental Mix) Check out & buy the 12" vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Gian - LACK 015 (Lackrec) 12" vinyl A1. Purple Burglar A2. Echoflex B1. Subdimensional Drift (Fleeb Mixx) Check it out at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Chinaski - Unruhe (Omnidisc Polyester Series) OMDP003 12" vinyl A1. Unruhe A2. Totleben B1. Altered States (Shokh Therapy Mix) B2. Altered States Check it out at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Various - Seance (Blind Allies) 12" vinyl EP A1. Blind Allies - Intro A2. Docta Gee - Delta Waves A3. -=UHU=- - Deep Ocean B1. Franck Kartell - Whispers From Space B2. Komarken Electronics - Funktion Listen to & buy this 12" electro vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Franck Kartell - Alaska (Bass Agenda) 12" vinyl LP A1. Alaska A2. Cercle Arctique A3. Nuit Polaire A4. Aurore Boréale A5. Tempete Sur La Banquise B1. Cristaux De Glace B2. Soleil Froid B3. Unalaska Island B4. L'Enfer Blanc B5. Nord Magnétique Listen to & buy 12" vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Morphology - Mind Stealers EP (Cultivated Electronics) 12" vinyl EP A1. Mind Stealers A2. Fluid Dynamics B1. Mind Stealers (Sync 24 Remix) B2. Wages Of Sin 12'' vinyl & lots more electro available from:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 LCTR - Teal Ranger (Aura Expansion) 12'' 12" vinyl LP A1. Ocean Pride A2. Teal Ranger A3. Polar Defense B1. Yaw B2. Untitled B3. Aural Concept B4. PW 12" vinyl available via:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Mor Elian - Fairplex Drive EP (Radio Matrix) 12" vinyl EP A1. Fairplex Drive A2. Gamma Gulch B1. Starlight Mesa B2. Ruby Listen to & buy the 12" vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Code Rising - The Sequential Mind E.P. (Propulsion Records) clear 12" vinyl EP (limited edition 200 copies) A1. 1984 A2. Retro Miami B1. Syntheticism B2. Beat Machines 12" Vinyl available from: : Download:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Blixaboy - Magmite EP (Fanzine Records) 12" vinyl EP A1. Magmite A2. Zheng Tribe B1. Transdimensional Rifts B2. The Builders Listen to & buy this 12" vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Various - Do Androids Dream Of Electro Sheep EP (Electro Music Coalition) 12" vinyl EP (Russia) A1. Neonicle - Spook Country A2. Charging Systems - Technology B1. Lectromagnetique - Betrayal B2. PQ-17 - White Night Listen to & buy the 12" vinyl here:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Bass Junkie - Low Frequency Fugitive (Bass Agenda) 12" silver-grey vinyl EP A1. Low Frequency Fugitive A2. Liquid Engineering B1. Everything B2. Surrender Or Be Destroyed! Listen to & buy the 12" vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Domenic Cappello - The Intruder (Nautilus Rising) 12" vinyl EP A1. The Intruder B1. Time To Begin B2. Rain (1x Electro, 2x relaxed 4x4) Listen & buy 12" vinyl from:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Lewski - Gru (Patron Records) 12" vinyl EP A1. Gru A2. Ichyolatry B1. Larval Low Intelligence B2. Occultation Listen & buy this 12" electro vinyl from:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Versalife - Soul of the Automaton pt.2 (Transcendent) 12" vinyl EP A1. Suspension Of Disbelief B1. Everything's Visual B2. Sirius Listen & buy 12" vinyl at:

  •…fb146767fc8787fa8f68905e4 Suiciders / Type-303 - Sex Mask / Rub-A-Duck (X0X Records 009) 2018 7" vinyl single A1. Suiciders - Sex Mask B1. Type-303 - Rub-A-Duck Listen & buy 7" vinyl from: