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  • a1419446560_2.jpg This music doesn't require either precise analysis or thinking over. In this music everything is on the ground, like everything sincere or precious. Just let your thoughts go to penetrate into that full-scale virtual world, raised from the synthesis of powerful elements and high technology. These contemplation sessions would be preferred by both robotics fans and just all lovers of this cultural layer of this mystical country, which is becoming more clear, thanks to Fururengusu…

  • Nothing can't concentrate mind and pump body better than automatic vibes from dark streets deepths. bab645a3-4f5f-465e-be96-df28f113a9cf.png Rude 66, Dj Overdose, Cestrian, Gosub, The Exaltics and lot of energetic genesis reeel-electro compensation for saving the balance of basics.

  • Naivno - My Void



    New vintage melancholy from my sweet box for electro-dreamers. Made via Roland MC-303

  • mayakovsky3.jpg Demo from obscure russian electro-project. Based on lyrics by poet Vladimir Mayakovsky from 1913.

  • Russian music-maker and dj Naivno presents mix of electro-scene's strange timeless melodies. From dark size by Dcast Dynamics and minimalistic rhytmics by Luke Eargoggle to funkee DMX Krew and deep neoclassical Heinrich Dressel. Touch this point of research. Point-of-research-350.png