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  • i am tired of hearing people moaning about the cost of music. These tracks took years to write collectively. The price i chose of $1.50 per track is in line with current costs for LOSSLESS formats. i'm sick of seeing one person buy a copy of my music on vinyl, only to then put it up on youtube and for 1500 people to then listen to it for free. Youtube currently pays about $0.0001 per play, then the royalty people like prs/mcps take their cut of that hansome sum. How the hell is an artist suppose…

  • Happy new year to everyone! I've spent the last week archiving and remastering every scrap of electro i've ever written. It's all available now in wav, flac etc from Enjoy!

  • Hello friends. Here is a triple unreleased Scarletron album. It's 23 tracks but includes Monomaniac (from SCSI 001) and Invisible Light (from Penalty 001). Cover photograph by the lovely Andrea Parker. Enjoy!

  • Greeting earthlings. I just wanted to say hello to Electro Empire, and thanks for the invite I'd also like to let you know that i have initiated my own Carl Finlow Bandcamp site and i have been remastering, editing and uploading most of my back catalog of electro. The work uploaded so far includes full albums and 12" releases from Voice Stealer, Silicon Scally and some Scarletron. The big news however is that for the first time ever i have released 2 big collections of previously unreleased trac…