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    Hi EE Aliens, here is "Invasion 1", New Flesh's first CD compilation: NFCD01posterM.jpg Tracklist taken from the 13 New Flesh, New Flesh Remix and New Flesh Lab releases: 01 - Umwelt : Diary Of The Inhuman Species - NF07 02 - ESS : Recall - NF08 03 - Umwelt : Future Darkness - NF01 04 - Morphogenetic : Rec Remix - NFR02 05 - Spectrum Data Forces : Execut Necrus - NF02 06 - Umwelt : Room 1 - NFL01 07 - Absolute Fiction : Genious Der Energy - NF05 08 - Jauzas The Shining : Stange Satellite - NF03 …

  • Umwelt has just launched the sublabel of New Flesh. It's called New Flesh Lab and is dedicated to the "MUSIC TO BE LISTENED ALONE IN THE DARK". NFL records are cut on demand exclusively on 7" and are available on The two first releases are "Room 1 & 2" and "Room 3 & 4": NFL02.jpg NFL01.jpg Audio samples are available at Souncloud: -"Room 3 & 4" NFL02 -"Room 1 & 2" NFL01 New Flesh Lab

  • NF is happy to present the first release of this french artist, Deemphasis. As usual each record is only cut on demand and sent no matter where you are on earth NF06.jpg Samples "Synthetic Cells" is exclusively available at New Flesh Records

  • I love these tracks!

  • Hello, don't miss this new release on New Flesh produced by another french electro alien called Absolute Fiction NF_05.JPG samples:…e-field-new-flesh-records ... don't miss the previous releases on NF, all cut only on demand! - Umwelt "... And the day came part 2" NF04 - Jauzas The Shining feat. Alek Stark "Strange Satellite" NF03 - Spectrums Data Forces "Human Exodus EP" NF02 - Umwelt feat. Debonaire "... And the day came part 1" NF01 All available at Templeplate.…

  • Quote: “regular new vinyl starting at 5,81€” haven't seen electro news at this price... Anyway if this is regular prices, can someone let me know what is the whosalers or labels price that could give so low retail prices from the shops? To me, these prices are for big big overstock... Quote: “As long as the quality doesn’t suffer compared to pressed vinyl I dont mind paying a little extra” Actually the sound quality of a record doesn't come from the way the vinyl is made but from: 1- the quality…

  • Quote: “8 or 8,50 for any other record” Not sure 8 or 8.5 euros with VAT is the most general price for retail. This is a good price to sell over stock indeed. Not sure this is a good price to allow labels to get their money back in order they press new releases... Therefore I agree with you it may be a high price for a lot of people but as they are cut on demand, there is no rush to order them. But once again, cutting records need a very good technic, a lot of time, a selection in tracks masteri…

  • High price? I don't think so. The records are not pressed at 500 units by a pressing plant in 20 seconds per record. Each record is cut in real time. That means if a release is 20 minutes we need 20 minutes to cut the record. Before cutting phase, preparation phase in needed. After that cleaning is necessary + labels sticking ... The records are not expensive as regards to the job and the result. They are sold at promotional prices according to the labels. 13-13.5 euros for a unique record is ra…

  • Indeed Subsonic's releases were all digital. Now, the records are out too The releases are all the same but European Electro Bass Development compilation. It is divided into 3 phases then can be bought separatly.

  • Hello the Empire! I've a good news, the complete releases of Subsonic Devices are available now on records. That means you can listen and play Darxid, Dj Xed, Magnetic Bass Force, Morphogenetic, Supremeja, Dark Vektor, Bass NGN, Dynamik Bass System, DJ HasH, N-Ter, Line Of Sight & Spinks tracks directly on your records decks subsonicdeviceban.jpg

  • Hi EE peeps! If you have the chance to stop in Lyon for a few hours on Friday 9th April, I have something for you. Anne SONIC INVASION at the Sonic (the barge) -Lyon 5- with : -UMWELT (Satamile, New Flesh) -Mooly (Minimum Syndicat) -Dj Wa (Kaometry) -Nexus 6 (Electroalliance) lyon_09_avril_sonic_invasion_anime.gif Launch the teaser: [ame='']teaser_sonic_invasion_lyon_9_avril_2010_peniche_sonic.jpg[/ame]

  • Hi! "Strange Satellite EP" by Jauzas the Shining is the all new 3rd release on New Flesh Records. Ready now to fly to your desk(s) Anita NF_03.jpg SAMPLES HERE Don't miss previous releases: -NF02 "Human Exodus" by Spectrums Data Forces -NF01 "... & The Day Came" by Umwelt On demand & exclusive on Templeplate.

  • Hi EE! I'm happy to tell you that the label Rekonstructure run by Oliver Dodd is now available on vinyls! Click to listen samples: RKS001.jpg Oliver Dodd Acid - Second Edition - RKS001 1. 2E-01 2. 2E-02 3. 2E-03 RKS002.jpg The Antagonist - Frozen Abyss - RKS002 1. Crash Site 2. Strange Wreckage 3. Containment 4. Wooded Area RKS003.jpg Jauzas the Shining - Bangkok - RKS003 1. Bangkok 2. Body (Faceless Mind Remix) 3. Lost Highway Each release is available on demand on . Anita

  • Hi EE , New Flesh is happy to present you its 2nd release signed by Spectrums Data Forces "Human Exodus EP" exclusively on records. I remind you the records are cut one by one in real time by and sold on NF02 with printing labels cheers, Anne NF02.jpg NF02_Spectrums_Data_Forces.jpg

  • Actually we can't refer to NF01 to explain the quality of every cutting cose the the result depends on our work of course but mainly on the sound quality of the original tracks. The more "vinyl" the mastering is oriented, the best will be the cutting. The shorter is every side of the record the louder the sound is. We recommand 12" but a little less is better (when it is possible of course). We have been playing cut records for many years and haven't notice difference with a pressed record.

  • hi defelectrobeatsv3, for the moment you haven't found good picture records for cutting. Transparent records will be available very soon and colored labels printing.

  • Hello All! I'm Anne from Templeplate, the shop that is selling NF01. I would like to give you more details about NF01 ... and the forthcoming releases. Templeplate has exclusivity on NF01 cose we are the one who "make" this release, I mean who cut the release on vinyl records through our unity records cutting service called (in french and english). NF01 wasn't pressed at 300 or 300000 pieces by a pressing company but get cut one record by one record, in real time. So when you buy a r…