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  • Kraftwerk calling ISS

    elektroakust. - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


  • track id HELP!!

    elektroakust. - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    it's Sven Väth "Ghost (Part1)" (produced by Anthony Rother)

  • Quote from sparced: “Also any chance we can have embedded Soundcloud? ” If you put the pure soundcloud link into a post (without [ u r l ] [ / u r l ] bbcode) it should automatically turn into an embedded player. If it's adding bbcode anyway, just edit the post and remove that from the link and save.

  • Nice mix. The one at around 34min sounds very familiar to me... maybe something from the Elektrolux label. hmmm


  • Nice to see Serotonin back in action!

  • Hello and welcome! Yes, this forum is still running to have a last independet platform for this music that is not part of the social media filter matrix, and it's here to stay. Not a lot of discussions anymore, but people still come to check and share release news etc.


  • Just to clarify, this "Miami 2 Berlin" release is from a new Berlin-based label (Bass Chamber Records, run by DJ Dregon). We're just selling it in our shop (like all the other releases from various other labels). Quote from B-T-T-B: “Are there any infos about Global Surveyor Phase 4? ” It will probably be out in August~September.

  • Quote from AITCH-SKI: “We Come To Rock was already re-released Matt a few years and the copies were snapped up pretty much straight away But I wasn't saying to release it again buddy, go back and read again ” I know, I was just giving an example. I don't mean re-release. I mean imagine erasing a "classic" like this from the past and release it newly nowadays. How far do you think this would get in todays tiny market/scene for this music? No much further than other newly released quality Electro …

  • Just trying to look objectively on your subjectivity. To fairly compare music from different decades you should look at the contexts as well. And we could go on about why songs actually become "classics". I think it has more to do with releasing things in the right place and time, good PR and multiplying factors of a big scene (which all together have a huge effect on how things are perceived) than solely the quality of a song. Release "We Come To Rock" today (or any of the other 80s tracks cons…

  • You should consider two things... Usually people rate the music that they grew up with the highest. If your taste in Electro was shaped in the 80s, then this will always be the music you feel the most and all styles that emerge from it later on will feel like a pale add-on that doesn't quite get it right. My Electro taste was shaped in the 90s, so the 80s Electro was just one part of it all and not the ultimate one and only style. So it is all subjective. And don't forget that music production t…

  • Click on the green dots to tune in to radio stations from all over the globe...…c16e76b21427aa47a888b83b6

  • It's just not that simple. If it's really about the sound for you (not about a general generations thing), I don't think you really have digged deep enough. Since the 90s there were all kinds of different "new" Electro productions. Some done with analoge equipment emulating the 80s style down to a tee, some done with state of the art software emulating the 90s electro styles... and everything in between. You just have to dig deep to find something that fits your taste.

  • You mean Hiphop/Funk-rooted vs Techno/Kraftwerk-rooted Electro? Both can be good or bad, old and new. Life is too short to be stuck with one flavour, so I choose quality.

  • I think it was a poor decision based on fear mongering and misinformation fed by rightwing populist tabloid media (controlled by tossers at the top in the UK) to the masses who don't have a chance to get the full picture and look beyond the "let's be great again" gut feelings. I do think the EU in it's basic idea is a good thing but does indeed need reforms on some levels. Eventually I think the EU will do fine without the UK, and I can't really see how the UK would benefit from its exit in long…

  • You're doomed.

  • Good to be back

    elektroakust. - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    Welcome back, Steve! And thanks! EE is mostly about Electro as ever and posts about the classic 80s Electro-Hiphop/Electro-Rap are welcome too of course (see "Old School" forum section). Within that section there is also a sub-forum for Electro-unrelated Hip Hop / Rap. You'll see. I haven't seen these particular members here in a long time. Things changed a lot since Facebook took over the world. EE is the last resistance.

  • Quote from Robyrt Hecht: “The overly digital sounding nu-breakdance-electro stuff like the Sace 2 track you posted are not my thing though. Mainly because I don't like the overall harshness of the sound - not only caused by the digitalness but also because of the over-the-top "this has to be banging"-attitude which almost always comes with it. This let's me loose the feeling of the groove and the funk.. Refers to a lot of Dominance Electricity titles as well unfortunately.. But that's just a per…