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  • Record Arrived

    oldskooljunkie - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    My package of freshness arrived this morning. Thanks EE for the competition and The Freakazoids for the great prize and for signing the 12. It's going for a spin right now....

  • I'll be there too. And can't wait! The original was my first gig and I have amazing memories.

  • Wax Poetics

    oldskooljunkie - - Hip Hop / Rap


    Amazing magazine. If you think the new ones are expensive check out the price of the old ones. Always a good read though. It used to only come out 4 times a year now they are bi-monthly - I wish it was every week : ) There are so many great articles I don't know where to start: Great one in issue 7 on The Incredible Bongo Band Interview with Bambaataa in 11 45 King in 6 Old Skool Graffiti artist Phase I think in 2 etc. etc. Ah also they had a good article about the Ultimate Breaks and Beats seri…

  • I can't believe you can't get the book picked up by a major retailer! We have Waterstones over here in the UK that is a large book-shop chain. Recently I've seen quite a few new books on their shelves about 80's street culture, photography, graffiti etc. They might be worth a try Or Foyles which is only a single shop but famous for being one of the largest bookshops in Europe. Also they pride themselves on trying to stock every book published and do have a lot of independedt …

  • I know I'm a bit late jumping on this thread but..... This track was so hard to find over here (in the UK) when it first came out. I think I loved it more because I just couldn't get hold of it. I remember when Real Deal opened in Soho (I guess about '97) they were selling a large cache of old Hip-Hop. I went on the opening Saturday looking for a copy and missed the only one that they had by a few hours (I should have got out of bed earlier). Anyway, that just made me want it even more. Finally …