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  • thanks guys! spot on! don't know where i picked o'connor up from!

  • recent purchases?

    cold.blow - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    ominira 12" "the weekly contract event ep" - kowton, kareem moser & juniper all three tracks are 4x4 bits but both kowton and kaseem mosse haved cranked out some wicked electro over the last year or two, its the labels first 12" but on checking their website i found they've put out some great sounding experimentalsynth/beat tape sort of bits on casstte an cdr

  • hello! im trying to track down a release i spotted on interstellar + juno earlier this year that i believe was an alias of one or both of the o'connor brothers of bitstream, very intricate with unsual sounds think it was a one word name, with a black and white sleeve? forgot to write down or buy and can't find it as an alias on discogs any help greatly appreciated!