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  • Where is everyone?

    DJ_Ten - - OFF-TOPIC


    Was thinking the same myself. Recently re-joined after a long absense and sad to see the forum has largely been quiet for the last few years.

  • 10 best oldschool electro songs

    DJ_Ten - - OLD SCHOOL


    Sad to see I am the first reply since Nov 2015!!! Anyway, here are mine. SOOOO hard to whittle it down to ten. Alphabetically: 1) Afrika Bambaataa - Bambaataa's Theme (Asault On Precinct 13) 2) Aleem - Confusion 3) Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge 4) Bobby Broom - Beat Freak 5) Captain Rock - The Return Of Captain Rock 6) D.E.F. & DJ Three D - D.E.F. Momentum 7) Dynamic Duo feat Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables Key-Matic - Breakin' In Space 9) Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk 10) Two Sis…

  • Hi All, Was a member here many moons ago (99/00) when I started to collect 12"s which escaped me in my youth. After a long layoff due to work, family etc I now have a better balance and have started collecting again and decided to sign up again - could not for the life of me remember what my username and password was back then! My aim is to get all the singles used on the Electro series (1-10) but I know "Star Raid" will most probably elude me unless I remortgage my house! While listening back t…

  • Hi All, Was actually a member long ago, around 99/00 when I got into collecting 12"s I missed out on on my youth. Work, married life and family took over as is often the case but now I have a better balance I am back on it. My aim is to collect all the 12"s which appeared on the Streetsounds Electro series (before it turned into Hip Hop Electro) - however Star Raid is going to be a bit of a problem! Also aim to have each track as a digital copy too (preferably from cd) - again Star Raid will be …