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  • thought i'd put a few more up, some i couldn't already see in this kick ass list: computor rockers - green screen volsoc - here comes volsoc product 01 - heart ov glass kronos device - hostile lifeform analogue audio association - zangenhand long live the empire

  • this thread is fantastic! so much new stuff for me to look up - thanks!! i suppose i should mention a few of my faves.. so hard to pick: cybernet systems - robot movement imatran voima - techno slut techmaster p.e.b. - techno bass beats

  • another awesome comp!



    woop!! thanks guys! so many good tunes i can't decide.. guess i'll stick with a good thing and go for the DBS & Mandroid release

  • (Sorry about the crappy sound quality - was recorded on an old dictaphone about 10 years ago)

  • Hi everyone, I've been dying to know what this track is for ages. If anyone can ID it for me I'll post em my Execute: Self Extraction CD by Debonaire. It's in great nick, only been listened to about a dozen times, and has the poster on the inside I've posted up the unknown track as Bounty2 on soundcloud, here's the link: and also the link to Debonaire's awesome album:…128&cat=0&page=1&featured Please forgive me if I've misuse…

  • wow.. awesome mixes! really nice to hear some good old school electro.. too many times i hear the boring stuff. thanks for introducing me to hot hot sound by 2 sisters - that is my new favourite thing - unbelievably good

  • Quote from eden;23753: “nice 1 mirage top mixin im a big fan of early la electro .cant wait to hear the radio show s. as soon as i heared sam browns voice i remembered trying to tune in on my blaster at 1 point ripping the ariel out of the telly and holding it on the blaster just to get a tape going lol some of his mixes were really good thanks for taking the time to upload them bro i have some old mixes i will up load soon a lot of la westcoast stuff got go later man regards eden aka bboybeats7…

  • wooo! u'll probly all hate me for this but i won a prize last year and i don't post anything up in the forums. i think maybe they changed the rules so i'll have to put a few posts up. i do love all the streaming and downloads tho - great work guys




    Woohoo!! Thanks Electro Empire I don't really post anything on the forum but I love all the live streaming you guys do - it's a great way for me to find new music and just good to have nice tunes in the background. All the best from Australia, where electro is forgotten.. but not dead