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  • usual place - only Steve Faulkner played this month - vinyl only set.

  • check out SC for both parts of June's show, i'll be sticking each up on the radar over the next month. ta guys, thanks for the support. steve

  • How did you get on bhose - first hour wasa bit unorganised due to Father's Day manouvres but after that i felt it went OK. Last three hours now posted to my soundcloud page. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. Steve

  • Cool Offer

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    Thanks to all of the prize contributors.

  • Been really lax lately - latest shows on my SC page - Frilly Hamsters

  • Hi Guys With Mike on hi hols in Slovakia you can grab this week's edition of the show at the below address. Cheers Steve

  • Hi guys, The shows warming up and we're getting more listeners - so if you're one of em thanks for the support. We had a few technical problems to start and th etime coded vinyl was slipping like a bitch but we got though this one and got a half decent show out there. As usual we overran our timeslot and played for about 3 and 3 quarter hours - check out the show at the following links: Part 1: Part 2…

  • December 18th Show

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    Happy 45th Birthday to ADJ Please follow the links for parts 1 and 2 of our 4 hour vinyl mix up. Part 1 Part 2 Enjoy.

  • Massive thanks to Paul Newman, for those of you that have bought records off him, you will know him as gipsauce - who came along and span some vinyl with us. Unfortunatley we had a few technical problems on the Nov show, inc' broadcasting, amp and recording so I've quickly chucked a few records together that were played on the evening as a sort of highlights show!! Anyway - here's the link:

  • A mixed show last night - was good to see everyone in the chat room. Unfortunatelty it didn't get recorded, well not until about midnght. Was a nice little session until just after one.

  • Cheers F1 - always good to see you in the chatroom. The next show will be on the 20th November and we've got a guest DJ spinning a few tunes. He's quite a prolific old school electro and electro record dealer and i reckon he'll have a few gems for us - taking our shown down a different path. Most of you will know him as gipsauce7b8e I know I'm looking forward to what he has to play for us Cheers Steve

  • Nice one Chris...

  • Please go to the general soundcloud page: To pick up this months two part installments of our 16th October 4 hour show. Cheers

  • Nice one Mike - Simply haven't had time to log in and listen or download and listen - will try to get to it over the next week.

  • Last Show!

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    Hi Chris, Poo - I didn't realise you were turning it in so quickly. As with Jaggers I can be pretty poor keeping abreast of things but then as you know half of that is down to my lovely set of twins too... I'll catch the recording soon. Anyway all the very best and you will be welcome to do something for our show, perhaps you could even make it round to SE4 and we'll make a proper night of it. Steve

  • This Dead Planet

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    Global Funk Radio Every 3rd Sunday of the month - 8 - 10pm or later... Hosted by Steve Faulkner and ADJ Playing old school and new school electro, electro acid , electronica and anything electronic. rockshield_opportunity_1024.jpg

  • Thanks for those that tuned in. If you missed it you can catch the show here. Another vinyl back to back session. Cheers Steve

  • Many thanks to Urban Jedi for letting me cover whilst his PC is in intensive care. Please see below the link for this weeks show - beware of dodgy use of microphone TrackListing THE LATIN RASCALS - BEYOND THE FUTURE THE WILLESDEN DODGERS - NOT THIS PRESIDENT DIAMOND D - FRESH AVENUE THE ALMIGHTY RSO CREW - CALL US THE ALL DOCTOR J. R. KOOL - THAT'S DEEP SUPREME FORCE - HANDLING THINGS SLICK RICK - LICK THE BALLS HASSAN 7 - 11 - COLD ROCK ST…

  • .

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    What a great success. The place was rammed with everyone dancing as if their life depended on it. Big props to Placid for making it happen. Steve

  • go for it.