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  • Track ID Please (Solved!)

    casiohardcore - - THE OLD SCHOOL


    Many, many, many thanks!

  • Aloha friends and greetings from Sleazy South Florida! I'm a huge fan of nearly all forms of electro, but specifically 80's electro (ie The Egyptian Lover, Paul Hardcastle, Juan Atkins, The Alliance, Newcleus, etc). In short, if it has an 808 and a vocoder, chances are that I love it! I'm also a huge fan of Miami Bass, but as a South Floridian; that should go without saying. In addition to being a listener, I'm also a musician, but that's not really important right now

  • Aloha Friends! Can anybody identify this song snippet? It was found on a generic consumer cassette tape which originated from Sao Paulo, Brazil some time between 1987 and 1989 and there were several electro/freestyle songs on the tape (Lookout Weekend, Let The Music Play, It's Automatic, etc.) so I'm assuming this is likely something of the same era/genre. Many thanks in advance! SOLVED: see below