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  • Quote from Cozmo D;54996: “We knew right from the sound check that our sound would be awful. There was nothing that these guys could do to get the sound right. They explained to us that they were used to doing rock bands with singers that screamed. Then, after sound check they disconnected our equipment which defeats the entire purpose of a sound check altogether. So, not only was the sound awful, but I had to reset all of my gear onstage while the crowd waited. But... the crowd was LIVE!!! That…

  • Quote from exzakt;54964: “I'm not dissing the old school my friend. I'm dissing that crap that MK is putting out on his new comps and calling "Nu Electro"...... And then totally slagging on greatly talented respected artists that are current. Ask the million artists MK told "Mate your music sounds like a 16 bar loop of the same shit. Put some rapping on it or something." I have always had and always will respect the old school. Thats not even where I was getting at. People hanging on to SS and A…

  • Quote from exzakt;54881: “It's clear what should happen. MK just call his scene what it is. OLD SCHOOL ELECTRO. Period. It's crystal clear. And this notion that New Electro did not have shit going on before he fell out of his 20 year sleep and attempted to come back into the scene. Anyone that supports that notion is fucking blind. I just have to laugh and bite my tongue most the time and will just leave it at that. Leave us little unprofessional 16 bar loop new school producers that dont know h…

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    izmhigh - - GIGS & PARTIES


    36 hours no god dam sleep!! worth the £35 and i aint no fool. politics kill the game stop the frontin and show & prove. if ya got the ideas for a great night get it on i be their as long as you keep it real. to many haters on the outside of hip hop don't need dem on the inside. peace!