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    Galaxian - - FREE DOWNLOAD & STREAM


    Can anyone ID this track. If embeded link is not working please go to soundcloud direct I took the clip from a DJ Stingray mix from 2003 so it can`t have been out after that. I don't think he even knows what it is so was probably a white label.

  • galaxianad.jpg "Repent is 9 tracks of fuzzy, heavy, dark, trippy electro. Complete with sharp drums, filter tipped hats and sub through the floor. Out now as a digital release on Transient Force (and available direct from the label) If you want a serious flex on your sound system complete with detroit heavy, rolling, jackin beats I don’t think you’re going to find a better release than this one from Galaxian. Seriously impressive, Galaxian is a major force in electro. Essential listening" DVNT L…