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  • The streetsounds electro albums are very useful materials for studying the evolution of dj mix techniques. There's a turntablist technique named lyric cuttin where djs combine phrases from different sources to create a new sentence.This technique is showcased in many of the Mastermind mixes. Eg electro 3 , crucial electro 1 & 3.. electro 13 .. electro 9..Electro hip hop volume 16 They also combined the a & b side and bonus beats to create a unique version. I edited my originals to sound exactly …

  • This 1987 house remix also has that aaaaaaw sound. The dj also copies some of Whiz Kids scratch patterns. Denise Motto - I M N X T C ( Scooby Swift Scratch mix )

  • Re.... The Imperial Brothers - We come to rock & Forevereaction - B.E.D 34 I'm curious to know the source of these samples. ( Fairlight or Emu ? ) As i may unearth more production secrets & patches.. Edited sounds.. .... The samples begins at 1 minute 25 on the Dub to scratch mix . There's also a isolated sample of what may be a child sneezing at the end of the song. I think the scratched horns stab around 5min…

  • I'm a fan & collector of Herbie " Mastermind " Laidley mixes & productions. I use to own this track...I bought it without hearing it because there was a scratch mix on the b side.. Herbie " Mastermind "Laidley is credited ( Not mentioned on Discogs ) It sounded like a early Wally Badarou production but it was too weird & repetitive for me to absorb.

  • Whappen

    element - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    Greetings from Element aka Tygaelement. I'm a Dj Musician. Researcher .. My background is Electrical / Electronics based. I'm here because Electrofunk is a useful aid in researching the evolution of club & dj culture & the technologies which helped shape them...