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  • deaflikeelvis Thanks for the support. Egyptian Lover is coming to my hometown next month. I'm gonna go check out his set for the second time, see if I can learn something. He is definitely one of my influences.

  • Are there any San Francisco, Bay Area Electro fans on here? I know there's people in the area that are down with the sound. Should We team up and take over? Shouts out to all the real Bay Area Electro Heads.

  • Live Techno Bass Electro set. Live deep Vocals while Muting/Unmuting Sounds on Electribe ESX and MPC1000. What do yall think? Just trying to keep it real and rep Techno Bass 100%. Any advice from Old School Electro heads is appreciated.

  • Electro or Electro House ?

    Marnacle - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    Comparison of "Electro House" and Actual Electro Music

  • Mix Of 2010

    Marnacle - - FREE DOWNLOAD & STREAM


    Kreayshawn - "Online Fantasy"

  • Here is the Download Link..Tracklist coming soon.

  • brazilmix-751x1048.jpg Party Effects Radio Episode #3 This Tuesday at 22:00CET (1:00pm PST) On Channel 1. Murder Capitol We are Diving into Brazilian Freestyle This episode. These are basically Brazilian Electro tracks with singing over them in Portuguese. !! And We close the show out with and Exclusive new track from Global Surveyors 3 REMIX Album. Remix is by the Exaltics. !! Will post up Tracklist and download link after the show. -PFX

  • @drschmidt Don't trip man, Release date really doesn't matter with this kind of release. Most people are ordering it online. Releasing them together really makes it easier because buyers only have to pay shipping once. Listened to GS3 so many times. Really looking forward to hearing these new mixes.

  • Download The show here: Thanks to everyone who listened. Next Show on Wednesday at 2200 CET or 2:00PM PST with EXCLUSIVE unreleased Blastromen Tracks from their new album Human Beyond coming out on Dominance Electricity.

  • Party Effects Radio Episode One Tracklist: LaRissa - “I do both Jay and Jane”[Jay Side Rave Mix] Rosalinda Ft. Les Fresh - “You Are Everything” [SSF] Jocelyn Enriquez - “Only (12” Of Paradise Mix)” The S Factor - “Hard To Get(Free at Last Mix)” Michelle Diaz - “I Won’t Cry For You (Funky Club Mix)” Gally - “Forgive Me Mix” Daize - “Girl (West Coast Mix)” Damon Cain - “In The Depths Of Sorrow(DJ Club Mix)” Dino - “NightTime LoveKind(Instrumental)”[L.V.] Timmy T - “Time After Time” Stevie B - “In …

  • Quote from elektroakust.;43056: “i'm normally not into freestyle at all... but really enjoyed this show! absolutely loved that Ofra Haza track!! what was the title again? also thanks for the shoutout! 8-)” SupSUp, Glad you could get into the Freestyle. . . I think Bay Area Freestyle has a more Electro Sound. The Ofra Haza Track is "Galbi"

  • frontpage.gif New School ELectro Mix by Adeptus for curious online magazine Dis. Tracklist: Orbital - Halcyon on and on(Adeptus DIS magazine remix) Dagobert - On the Run Sbassship - Solaris Kreayshawn feat Xosar - Come w/ Me 2night (produced by Adeptus) Adeptus - Moebius (w/Dominance Electricity shout out) Adeptus - Street Bass (em1 jam) TRV - Access Collective Unconsciousness Marnacle - Open Mouthed Adeptus - M…

  • [ame=''][/ame] SupSUp, Party Effects Radio on Intergalactic FM Wednesdays at 2200 CET 1:00PM PST http://intergalactic.FM IFM1 Broadcasting from the San Francisco Bay Area on IFM1 Party Effects radio streams you all the hits, exclusive tracks, DJ mixes, Interviews,Short Stories, Shout Outs, with your hosts Adeptus, Tarythyas, Dade Elderon, and DJ Marnacle. The First Show is all about Bay Area Freestyle, The second…

  • [YT]<object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed></object>[/YT] I just …

  • REMOTE CONTROL SEX! I like that Wet Worm BassLine.

  • Oh Deng! Thanks for posting this..It's really making its way around the electro internet sources.

  • redelderon.gif Sup! Sup! We finished our new website and as a gift to you we have an album available for Free Download.. We are straight out of the Bay Area California coming with an all HardWare production. Our electro sound is Slow and deep. Maybe we're influenced by all the legal canibus all around us. All tracks are of…


    Marnacle - - LABORATORY


    Digital V. Analog? HAHA ... An Analog wave is "analogous" to an acoustic wave ... Right? thats where the name comes from.. Analog sounds thicker and crazier but it is waay more expensive. An acoustic studio is exponentially more costly than digital.. Digital is cheap, fast and allows people who could never afford analog equipment to make music.