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  • Copyright Infringement

    djzleite - - LABORATORY


    I never put others materials on youtube, even on my videos i use my own tracks ir order to avoid that copyright issues, on old skool materials they shouldn´t block them but they have that right.

  • @drschmidt had the same kind of stuff but pressing a a release isn´t easy sometimes and many factors might late the initial date. after some months of wait on 18 december 2003 the label owner said i could drink a pack of beers and his second name was santa claus ... on 24 december 2003 at 11 am i got my pack of vinyls with my track pressed. we have to be patient, things aren´t easy for small labels and you know it.

  • Cozmo D of Jam on It Fame

    djzleite - - THE OLD SCHOOL


    He´s not from our time i guess the questions ... there´s a good challenge. Basicaly his group had much people on it, dancers, singers and musicians not to mention others, to many, from youngs to older. It was the fever and the song came on top around the globe, on the same days rock steady crew and others were making success and pushing the scene to the top, electro and breakdance everywhere, was a beatifull time to live. Not only on electro and hip hop but also pop and other styles were rich in…

  • Needs a compressor but nice sound.

  • Klaar Syntrax s60 3rd symbian 9.1{music composer } syn_s603rd_screen1.gif Join the mobile music revolution Meet our product Syntrax. It has all the modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package! Never again will you be bored in the train, never again will you whistle that tune and be not able to write it down. Mobile composing is here! Features: Upto 8 stereo audio channels simultaneously (previously only 6…

  • " DJ Mixes Find out where to DL mixes, post your track listing and pass comment here. NEW MIXES WANTED FOR EE! DO US A MIX AND HAVE IT HOSTED TO DL FROM EE! " You are free to host Electro Empire Megamix on EE if it

  • Beautifull work, the name is what brought me here, Intelig

  • bigsmile.gif All here and there: Djzleite - Break Dance Megamix Long V: 00:01 - Chris The Glove Taylor & Ice T - Reckless (Club Mix) 00:03 - Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock 00:43 - Bionic Force - Age Of The Atom 00:49 - The Why Not - Kadafi 00:59 - CD III - Jungle Rock (the tribe) 01:04 - Rock Steady Crew - Digital Boogie 01:11 - CD III - Get Tough 01:19 - Freeez - I.O.U 01:26 - Hardrock Soul Movement - The Beat Is Mine 01:40 - Baobab - Let´s…