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  • Quote: “..интересно, от постоянных апэндаунов продажи повысились?” Продажи покажет время, зато от постоянных апэндаунов о релизе узнает больше заинтересованных.

  • 3256134.jpg Artist: Atomic 2K (aka Atomic Project) Release name: Atomic 2K - Electro Universe (Part 1) Release date: 5 september (major stores) Label: E-Freakz Digital Format: Digital Tracklist: ========== 1. Unknown Planet (Original Mix) 2. In A Wormhole (Original Mix) ===========…iverse-part-i/1813447-02/

  • B-Boy%20Tronik%20-%20Move%20Your%20Body.png Artist: B-Boy Tronik Release name: B-Boy Tronik – Move Your Body Release date: 13 may (Beatport Exclusive), 27 may (other stores) Label: E-Freakz Digital Format: Digital Tracklist: ========== 1. Move your Body (Original Mix) 2. Move your Body (Freestyle 2k Remix) 3. Move your Body (mAKuSh1no Remix) Preview: =========== Links: ===========…360603/Move%20Your%20Body…

  • electrocore%20-%20electro%20expressionep.png ARTIST:Electrocore RELEASE NAME: Electrocore - Electro Expression (EP) LABEL: E-Freakz Digital RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2011 FORMAT: Digital TRACKLIST: 1. Electrocore - Electro Expression 2. Electrocore - Sakura 3. Electrocore - 808 In Da House 4. Electrocore - Unknown Reality 5. Electrocore - The Place Of Everything 6. Electrocore - Strangeness [ame='']Preview[/ame] ======================= iTunes JunoDownl…

  • Freestyle Electro

    E-Freakz Prod. - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    Guys, probably you will like it: It's called Freestyle 2k (founded by B-boy Tronik)

  • [V.A.] E-Freakz 2011

    E-Freakz Prod. - - NEW RELEASES


    V.A.-E-Freakz-Digital-2011.jpg ARTISTS: A'Gun, Electrocore, Freeman-TRV, Kixar, Urban Freestylers RELEASE NAME: E-Freakz 2011 (V.A.) LABEL: E-Freakz Digital RELEASE DATE: December 22th, 2010 FORMAT: Digital TRACKLIST: 1. Electrocore – Sakura 2. A’Gun – My Digital Power 3. Kixar – Good To Go 4. Urban Freestylers – Point Of No Return 5. Atomic Project – Freestyle Heaven 6. A’Gun feat. Electrocore – Back in time 7. Kixar – Under The Bridge 8. Electrocore – Burnin’ Sneakers 9. Urban Freestylers – Fl…

  • E-Freakz Digital label represent for you october releases of electro/freestyle music. 1t.jpg ARTISTS: Electrocore, A'Gun, Urban Freestylers RELEASE NAME: Electrocore - Freestyle 2k (SP) LABEL: E-Freakz Digital RELEASE DATE: October 25th, 2010 FORMAT: Digital TRACKLIST: Electrocore - Freestyle 2k (Original) Electrocore - Freestyle 2k (A'Gun Remix) Electroco…