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  • try these, Novamen: Get It Boyz: .. or get a vocoder and start rappin'

  • A while ago i came across these, well worth checking out, also the other mixes on his site awesome DJ! "Salt N Pepa vs MC Lyte. Old School Hip-Hop 21:34 minutes long 29.6M"…%20Lyte%20by%20WAXTAX.mp3 "No Limit Soldiers vs. Cash Money Millionaires. Old School Hip-Hop. 21:05 minutes long 28.9M"…%20vs.%20Cash%20Money.mp3

  • ?Aux 88 Vinyls?

    foreign - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    Quote from elektroakust.: “ Aux 88 rock!! ” WOOOOORD!! this one is a monster too: Aux 88 - Aux Quadrant and this one: X-Ile - R U Ready

  • The Drexciya Style

    foreign - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    DynArec's stuff absolutely amazes me, especially "Overland Traveling" on Nature its awesome and everybody in to Drexciya should own that

  • Paul Hardcastle

    foreign - - THE OLD SCHOOL


    i found a couple of tracks he's done on second-hand markets, mostly the B-sides on 7"s are great stuff, like Moonhopper

  • nice mix, thanx on the headphones as we speak

  • Thanx, glad to be back after a couple years

  • hey hello, just joined, here's my current 13: Dynarec - Overland traveling silicon - g.i.t.m ILEKTRO : World Of Wire clatterbox – forcefield (unreleased) VOLSOC - compuphonic intelligence SLICK : Achromatic Electronome – telefon UR – slide skate Keith Tucker – speaker worshipping AS1 - sequential addiction GOSUB - watchers from the black universe scape one - botrock SPECIMEN - delight of babylon ep