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  • Kraftwerk copyright case

    theunknowndj - - ELECTRO LOUNGE


    Just to chime in... I have over the years come to believe if you use any recognizable part of a persons copyrighted work you should: 1) Credit them in the liner notes. Both publisher/s and writer/s. 2) Attempt to contact the concerned parties and negotiate a deal 3) Account to the parties. In the beginning when this was all being done underground and the business of rap and electro was tiny, it was less of a concern. In many cases some of the underground 12's that sampled hit originals added big…

  • Damn!! Bass Junkie. Nice Reviews. Even "The1TheyCallLeeroy" is on board. High praise indeed ;+D You know I'm on that "Infiltrator," "Return To Bass" and "Sub-Mission." Great work sir. So Say We One, So Say We All

  • Saturn Records

    theunknowndj - - THE OLD SCHOOL


    "Bad Times" Captain Rapp/Kimberly Ball. Classic track. Rich Cason totally redid 2001 Space Boogie with Jimmy and Terry. So is this really a vote for "2001 Space Boogie?" Maybe. Rich was the man

  • Keep the opinions coming guys and gals. I love to hear feedback on the music. I am taking 5 from working on "LA To Detroit" right now and thought I'd check out the forum. For the DJ's out there among the Empire, buy "This Is Electro" b/w "Mini Moi" to mix it in your dance sets. It's for the dance floor. For those of you retro fiends in the Empire, you should love the new one with AUX 88 we're working on. As I have said in the past: "The retro classics you love today were ground breaking deviatio…

  • Slip just got in from Singapore this week. We talked today about X Men scheduling. We will see how we work it out. Keep you posted. What about yours. I'm looking for mad scientist stuff from you :+) electroempire still down for me on web but forum works. Thanks 4 the link. Peace Be With You EE

  • Much Love To The Bass Junkie First of all ladies and gents-Thanks for caring enough about an old DJ to comment. I am both humbled and amazed time and time again by how many folks enjoyed the music we at Techno Hop/Techno Kut created. I love the discussion and comments. The new single will be available on junodownload in a couple of weeks and the 12" will be available Wednesday OCT. 29 at a vinyl outlet near you. Please hit me with any stores where it should be and isn't and I'll get on Cyber to…