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  • Hi everyone, I will be in London with my band ASTRA in April and have some open days that I would like to schedule a Brian E show. The dates are April 14th and 15th. I may also have some open dates in Amsterdam later that week... If anyone can help me in any way, please contact me either here, on myspace (, or at my email ( Thanks in advance! I really hope to do a gig in the UK!

  • In tribute to one of the biggest inspirations in music ever, I've remixed the classic Michael Jackson song "Rock With You". Check it out on my myspace or download it here

  • thanks guys... I actually won one on ebay for about $350 including shipping. It looks like basically exactly what i'm looking for considering the price involved. I'm really tired of 808 samples and I think this will definitely get my beats sounding bigger and better... and it will also help my live setup (i'm trying to start doing all hardware live shows). The best part is that when Egypt comes over, we can sync his real 808 with the computer without having an expensive midi mod on it.

  • I'm trying to get a novation drumstation or d station. I almost had one on ebay and someone snaked it from me before i could buy it. Anyone have experience with one of these... They look awesome for the price.

  • What Gear Do you Have?

    BrianE - - LABORATORY


    I couldn't find a thread for people to post their gearlist, so I thought I'd start one. hardware novation drumstation oberheim matrix 1000 korg ms2000b akai ax 60 oberheim dx roland mc 303 roland tr 505 roland sp 505 roland ep 10 crumar dp 50 boss sp 202 korg kontrol49 arturia analog factory expeience presonus firestudio project software arturia jupiter 8v arturia prophet v arturia cs80v arturia minimoog v arturia moog modular v arturia arp 2600 v sonic projects op-x pro gmedia minimonsta gmedia…

  • Brian_E_-_YLDCoversmall.jpg YELLOW LIGHT DISTRICT has just arrived and looks fantastic!! This is my first 12" release with 6 tracks coming in just over 38 minutes. The styles range from italo disco to hard electro, which an emphasis on old school synth tones like the OB8, Jupiter 8, Prophet 5, and the classic drum sounds from the LinnDrum. The album closes with an electro cover of the song "De Futura", originally by the french progressive group MAGMA. Limited to 500 copies on YELLOW Vinyl Messag…

  • Best Vocoder vst

    BrianE - - LABORATORY


    Yeah, the Akai DC Vocoder can get some good sounds. I also like the Vokko VST... has a great unique sound. I hadn't heard of the els vocoder... looks amazing though. I wish it wasn't so pricey.

  • Quote from bassjunkie;14485: “Will these be on wax? Please say yes ;)” Yes. Egypt is releasing 12 12"s this year... It was going to be one every month but due to manufacturing delays it got a bit of a late start.

  • He puts on the best show! Jamie Jupiter is the perfect hype man. I've had the pleasure of performing with him on stage... [YT]uOiz7s7ASMc[/YT] there's me on the keys

  • Your MS-2000 is a Drum Machine

    BrianE - - LABORATORY


    Awesome! I'll try this out soon... I got a ms-2000 lying around

  • I'm Brian E... I make Electro, Disco, Italo Disco, Hi-NRG, and and blend of all those styles.

  • Yo Cozmo! I've been great. I've been working on a lot of new music of all different styles. I just finished recording my new free jazz album last week for Porter Records ( It was a collaboration album with the legendary Philadelphia sax player Byard Lancaster (he played with John Coltrane, Sunny Murray, Fela Kuti, Sun Ra Arkestra, and so many more). Now I'm back to working on some Electro tracks for Egypt. I hope to play a show together again soon!

  • Egypt's got so many good tunes. Some of my favorites are "Voices" "I Cry (Night after Night)" "Unreal". His new stuff is really taking it to the next level... I've worked with him on a few of his new songs... Just wait until you hear UFO... it's got the baddest breakdown of them all. We have a few collab Remixes coming out soon too!

  • Color vinyl is available now! I got my 2 copies already . I play the keyboard line on Electro Pharaoh!

  • What's up everyone! Glad to find a true ELECTRO forum! I am a music producer from San Diego... I have a 12" coming out soon on called "Yellow Light District". It's more italo disco than Electro, but it definitely has some elements of electro there. I also have a free album based on Terminator available on their site for free called "TECH-NOIR". I'm a friend of Egyptian Lover's... I have played keyboards for him live and on some of his new songs like "Electro Pharaoh". We'r…