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  • Hello Cyborgs, check it. R Gamble - Drakkar Noir Electro Mix 001…kkar-noir-electro-mix-001 Free Download. Lost Soul Enterprises boss, R Gamble goes in hard with this raw all-vinyl mix specifically for Kraftjerkz and the freaks. Brooklyn. USA. thanks for checking, enjoy :)-r KG

  • pre-order is over. ready to ship! sound clips are there. ready to ship. Maroje T returns to Kraftjerkz a 3rd time with the next Remora release. Death of Caligula marks an icier more melodic style than the earlier Symbiotic EP. Deep funk kick drums and cracking snares form the foundation for these haunting and slightly cold electro tracks. Deep dynamics!

  • Hello Cyborgs, check it.…lski-the-final-forcefield Ginseng & Rogalski - The Final Forcefield free download//unearthed electro track from 2008 produced by Kid Ginseng and Rogalski in Brooklyn NY USA. highs, mids, low-mids, lows. 1/4" tape! thanks for checking, :)-r KG

  • Hello Cyborgs, new release is up for pre-order. sound clips are up. check it.…gula-kraftjerkz-preorder/ Remora - Death Of Caligula EP // Kraftjerkz 034 Maroje T returns to Kraftjerkz a 3rd time with the next Remora release. Death of Caligula marks an icier more melodic style than the earlier Symbiotic EP. Deep funk kick drums and cracking snares form the foundation for these haunting and slightly cold electro tracks. Deep dynamics! thanks for checking. :)-robin KG …

  • Hello Cyborgs, check it. Kraftjerkz label boss Kid Ginseng has put together a five minute megamix featuring Sheik 'N' Beik's greatest hits! His deep mastery of the art of DJing stands at the forefront of this mini-medley, creating a brief yet substantial narrative of Sheik 'N' Beik's tale thus far. thanks:) :)-r KG

  • Kraftjerkz Label Night 9: Numbers Beat till 3am Jan.16th 2019…notif_id=1543880931345818 Take a trek inside the hearts and record collections of 3 Brooklyn electro freaks. selections will include elektro, electrofunk, Miami Bass, Freestyle and various other planet rock derived records. Free//No-cover. DJs Alex From Queens (Capriccio) R Gamble (Lost Soul Enterprises//Mannequin) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz//Lost Soul Enterprises) in the Bad Room. 21+ Remora - Symbiotic EP…

  • Hello Freaks, interview I wanted to share. Kid Ginseng: The Man Behind the Kraftjerkz Label Talks About His Beginnings, NYC Electro Scene…MA4Qw30c1y2N9oZnWSn8D0vkU thanks for checking, :)-r KG


  • 8/19/18 facebook invite: Samo Records presents \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Only Elektro bangerz all night /////////////////////////////////////////////// LINE-UP: MontCosmik (Nein / Dogs & Vultures / France) Chase Smith (WT / Apartment Records / R-Zone) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz / Lost Soul Enterprises) Facets (Samo)…

  • Hello freaks, Kraftjerkz is more than grateful to Helena Hauff for including Kraftjerkz artist, Alonzo at #3 in her Mixmag cover mix. This track is off of Kraftjerkz 029 available at Halcyon The Shop, Brooklyn. Machine funk is getting some love in 2018. Helena is helping the electro community for real.. and this mix rocks hard! Planet Rock Future Shock. listen here: you can purchase the track, Alonzo - Doctor City here:…

  • Hello freaks, Kraftjerkz Label Night 8: Numbers Beat Till 4am Link: Amourette (Remedy) M Parent (Kraftjerkz / Chem Club) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz / Lost Soul Enterprises) Aug. 31 at Rose Gold Brooklyn, Kraftjerkz syndicate running game in 2018 fresh from having "Alonzo - Doctor City" featured on Helena Hauff's cover mix for Mixmag. These 3 DJs are not new jacks when it comes to electro. Amourette, M Parent, and Kid Ginseng are at the forefront of the New York …

  • Hello freaks, Luke Eargoggle - Everyone's Wizzard (DJ Di'jital Mix)…es-wizzard-dj-dijital-mix free download // Swedish track from Kraftjerkz 033 vinyl remixed by Detroit's DJ Di'jital. Punchy drums and vocoder with Di'jital's signature chopped style. FUNK ready for the floor! thanks for checking:) :)-r KG

  •…Polymer-Kid-Ginseng-LSE12 a rave review by Santino Fernandez at the mighty Electric Kingdom Magazine. 12" available now through Lost Soul Enterprises Thank you Santino. :)-r KG

  • hello freakz, available as digital download for the first time. thanks for checking, :)-r KG

  • pre-order is over. it's out:)…me-2-kraftjerkz/?fbshop=1 thanks freaks, :)-robin KG

  • Hello freakz, new joint.…ur-game-volume-2-previews A1 Luke Eargoggle - Everyone's Wizzard A2 KRØM3 - Street Legal B1 Speaking Parts - JJ-180 B2 Heidi Sabertooth - Emotional Ninja pre-order vinyl here:…jerkz/?fbshop=1 KRAFTJERKZ 033 In this second volume of machine funk we feature the world famous Luke Eargoggle as well as the A.I. being, KRØM3, Philadelphia's Speaking Parts, and New York's Heidi Sabertooth. I would say this Eargog…

  • LSE12 Polymer / Kid Ginseng

    Kraftjerkz - - NEW RELEASES


    Hello freaks, PRE-ORDER IS OVER. available now. order vinyl here:…er-lost-soul-enterprises/ salute! :)-r KG

  • check it freaks:) 5/30/18 Kraftjerkz Label Night 7: Numbers Beat Till 4am DJs Neud Photo (Kraftjerkz // Return to Disorder // Mysidian) Alex From Queens Datkat (Analog Soul) Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz // Lost Soul Enterprises) Dive into the electro collections of these four veteran selectors. Expect a mix of electrofunk, miami bass, freestyle, and electrotechno. 4 on the floor is forbidden. Join us for some legit funk:) 10pm-4am // no-cover // 21+ Bossa Nova Civ…

  • LSE12 Polymer / Kid Ginseng

    Kraftjerkz - - NEW RELEASES


    New Joint. enjoy freaks:)…-kid-ginseng-sample-clips On their latest release, Lost Soul Enterprises welcome two new artists into the fold for a retrofuturistic tour of the electro galaxy. POLYMER is a brand new project from Nico Nightingale (Neud Photo) and Jean Lorenzo (Silent Em). The A1, "Arrester," plods menacingly forward, its cascades of pads evoking a nighttime excursion through a cyberpunk cityscape. The follow up, "Mov_Type," increases pace a bit, offering …

  • Hello freaks, free download //Veteran Detroit-based electro and technobass producer, DJ Di'jital, brings some hard funk to Kraftjerkz in the form of a remix of Remora - Untamed Fauna off of the 12" Remora - Symbiotic. "it's timmme…"…amed-fauna-dj-dijital-mix enjoy:) :)-r KG