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  • We're back live on GFR on the 4th Thursday at 6 pm GMT. Also moving our podcast to Youtube Find the latest November and december shows at my channel Blind Guy Doing Stuff December show For a show archive go to Happy New Year and thank you to all the listeners for tuning in and the wonderful producers for their music. lb.

  • may's show, heard every 4th Thursday from 6 - 8 pm on GFR, has a lot of dark downtempo with some Electro and DnB mixed in.…-06-03T11_55_55-07_00.mp3

  • April's show now up with lots of new Electro from artists like M-12, Alma Construct, Bass Junkie, tunes from the Electrodos compilations and new tunes from the Global Surveyor phase 4 comp. + much more.…-05-10T15_52_05-07_00.mp3

  • Check out March's FreeBass Radio show heard live every 4th Thursday of the month. This episode includes an hour + Electro mix followed by a 80's, Freestyle, Disco set, during which i share my trip down to Portland to see/meet Newcleus.

  • Latest show on . FreeBass is live every 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm on GFR. This is a two hour mixed show with mostly dark Electro Bass.…-02-23T12_32_10-08_00.mp3

  • new music by AE35 and Ground Control Records plus much more…2017-11-25T07_06_28-08_00

  • October’s episode of FreeBass on Global Funk Radio. New Mike Ash, Urban Connection Comp and Fleck ESC + much more. Here the show live on GFR at 6 pm GMT every 4th Thursday of the month.…2017-10-27T07_43_51-07_00

  • 2 hour Electro show.…2017-09-29T08_51_56-07_00

  • FreeBass is on live on every 4th Thursday of the month. Subscribe to the podcast, or watch this space for new shows. Cheers, lb.IP

  • Our latest podcast includes new usic from 214, Chaos vs. Bassing Guild and some tracks off of Body Control Records 16. Other artist include Blastromen, Volsoc, Bass Kittens, Sero, Bass Junkie, Ghosts in the Machine, Grow, Product 01, Egg Foo yound, Heuristic Audio + much more. We also have a new Sound Cloud page for the show. Watch for FreeBass on the Electro Empire podcast radar soon, and you can catch the podcast in the GFR auto dj next week. Download:…-07-29T12_…

  • yo o m winning prize..E-Rcker feat. Smooth J and Mega John + check it! 1001967_10204062791316512_4079343143908884449_n.jpg

  • new episode up on EE feed. for show details and more info on FreeBass Radio on Global Funk Radio go to thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR!

  • can't wait for the video to come out.

  • new Pioneer turntable



    just in time

  • to have your mix or track heard on FreeBass Radio contact us via Facebook @ Lb-Ip or Twitter @lbipmusic

  • FreeBass is now going to all Podcast Mode. Stay tuned to GFR to hear the show played in the line up. We will also be subbing for various DJ's, so keep an ear out. To DL or subscribe to our Podcast go to...

  • happy chrimbo! ho ho ho Electro Clauz 2012 and 2013 FreeBass Archives >>>> over 120 hours of Electro Bass, TechnoBass, Breaks + Click Here to View and Bookmark Archive Note: shows closer to the first of the month contain the feature thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR! lb.IP

  • Who defines electro?


    Post your comparing some people who chewed you out about proper Electro to the West Burro Baptist Church? bit over the top there

  • Who defines electro?



    ok man, just trying to help. Electro is the smallest of all Electronic genres and most of us around could give two shits about that fact. good luck on your quest and i'm telling you go see 214. i don't play out but you can check my radio show, FreeBass, up there on the radar...comn' live from the Dirty Dirty South Tacoma

  • Who defines electro?



    hi squarewave, there is an Electro artist in Seattle who plays out called 214, you should check it out and see for yourself what the scene is doing. there is an ongoing debate about this whole Electro vs Electro House thing. as you can see some some people are really protective of this genre and the word Electro i wouldn't sweat it.