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  • Music Instructor - Electric City

  • hi! here's a short mix with my fave electro tunes: enjoy cheers,nora

  • Hi everybody! (SG006) Kodek - Digital Dirt Tracks: 01. Do U 02. I Fuck You 03. I Know You Know 04. To Make A Score sg006_kodek_digital_dirt_ep_350.jpg This is not the first release of Kodek, but up to now it worked in the world of 4p4. The 7th issue of Subgrade Records is real break beat - mainly in elaborated way. Indiscriminately curled sounds with a light psychedlic spice and airy drums made for the dancefloor itself and for braindancing too! Enjoy! Click here to buy these tracks on Addictech…

  • hi everyone! (SG005) DST - Csillag Remixes Tracks: 01. Mad-Tek remix 02. Nymate Association's Death Star remix 03. Sol_Dat remix 04. the wee djs remix sg005_DST_csillag_rmx_ep_200.jpg Well, here we have a new issue, even if not the best fit for a 5 o