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  • Looks like an awesome night! Too bad I live in #*%@*^! Australia!!

  • Cool interview, Always great to hear from the artists themselves. I really think these guys are pushing the electro boundaries at the moment, very cool music. Can't wait to rock this whole release, gonna be a sci-fi party! Well done Dominance & Blastro

  • Always a huge fan of Blastromen... Dominance & Blastro? The dream-team combo made in electro heaven! Once again, I'll have sleepless nights till the arrival of this package of dopeness Keep the quality flowing Dom & Blast! Respect from Melbourne!

  • Great to hear! I'm a big fan of Poetz. Great sounds.. Look forward to hearing this new one

  • WOW! I've attempted to assimilate each track of this release over many weeks, however, as previously proven via "Future-Funk", I'm left in total awe... I honestly didn't know how to interpret this communication upon it's initial transmission, however, upon extended playback, I am confident in the application of my universal seal of approval to this quality product.. As always, Mandroid has delivered musical expression straight from his heart, expressing his personal experience in combination wit…

  • My God, can't wait for this bad-boy to pop in my mailbox Mr. Mandroid always delivers fresh material, ahead of his time IMO..

  • Yo Matt, Can't wait for GS3, I still rock the snippit almost daily, it's looking like a quality production

  • Cool! Thanks Dr. Schmidt. Quite new to your sound, but I'm loving what I'm hearing so far.. "Engines of God" definitely one of my favorites on Electro Sounds.. Also a huge fan of Andreas Kauffelt's "Subtonal" alias.. Great work. Merry Christmas to you and yours..

  • Silicon Scally - Rendered Datenaura - Faktor Mensch Dr. Schmidt - The Engines of God Blastromen - Concealed Ancient Alien Dynasty Unn - Airwaves Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler Global Surveyor 3

  • At Last

    vtron - - NEW RELEASES


    Crazy! Been looking forward to this one for a long long time... Epic artwork, teaser is way too good. All hail Dominance!

  • Egypt!

    vtron - - GIGS & PARTIES


    Man I long for the day when The Egyptian Lover comes down-under (Australia). I've always been frustrated at the lack of understanding and acceptance of real electro in my country. I love so many electro artists out there, and I can expect virtually none of them to come here for a show. To be fair though, Kraftwerk have always shared their greatness internationally, including my home city of Melbourne this year, where unfortunately Fritz Hilpert fell ill just before the show and thus rendered the…

  • Kraftwerk Discography!

    vtron - - THE OLD SCHOOL


    The whole Kraftwerk discography, digitally re-mastered, is on the way! 8 x individual CDs presented in special slipcases featuring newly expanded artwork, including many previously unseen images all of which have been reproduced to the highest technical standards. - 5th October CD Box Set containing 8 x CDs in ‘mini-vinyl’ card wallet packaging, plus individual large format booklets. 8 x individual heavyweight vinyl LPs with large format booklets. - Mid November Digital downloads also. Hooray! B…

  • My new Synth

    vtron - - LABORATORY


    Hi all, I've just returned from planet "AWESOME" in the bionic cyber-funk galaxy with my new synth, they were on sale. Here's a video of my new purchase..

  • Kraftwerk/Afrika

    vtron - - THE OLD SCHOOL


    Just wanted to share this Computerwelt/Numbers/Afrika Bambaataa remix I found on youtube, I reckon it's pretty dope.. Enjoy.. [yt]9HwlsbEfLz8[/yt]

  • All excellent tracks imo, love Mandroid, Sbassship, DBS, Imatran. I find it hard to go past Mr. Dagobert however.. "Ready to Rock", what a track! That whole album is f%@ing awesome...

  • Bangin track, I like it! Nice work Morph

  • akai mpc

    vtron - - LABORATORY


    While we're on the MPC subject, I've got myself an MPC1000. Can anyone give some pointers as to where I can track down a bunch of nice electro samples to fill this machine with? Not too sure where to start.. Would be much appreciated..

  • That was shattering.. Was looking forward to it for about 5 years, still can't believe it, had a decent night tho, considering. They were setting up the stage for Kraftwerk with about 15 minutes to go then some MC came on stage with Ralf Hutter and said he had an announcement. Ralf said that Frinz wasn't feeling good, that he had been taken to hospital and he didn't know the severity of his condition, looking quite concerned as he said it, and that the show wouldn't go ahead. The MC was quite di…

  • Just had my first full listen, top stuff, even though some of it's older work, I think it good to have in one nice package. As always, great work Dominance & DBS!

  • Quote from aitchski2007: “ Quote from V-Tronik: “Cool, looks interesting. I finally get to see Kraftwerk in Melbourne on Nov 22. ;D” Seen 'em twice bud, all I can say is you are gonna love their show!” That's good to hear, never really hear bad things bout their shows. I do wish it was a regular private show tho, it's part of the global gathering festival so I hope they do a decent length set. Either way, some sleepless nighs leading to it for sure.