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  • Trying to see if anyone could ID the track at 44:05 (44min, 05secs) from this Jensen Interceptor mix?

  • Finally...shout-out to Danny Daze with the blazing Boiler Room set @ Dekmantel Festival 2018 and to the person who posted a (almost) complete Tracklisting of the set: Shokh - "Vanditerion" Digital Purchase available here:

  • Heard this track on a recent Mixmag: Impact - Jensen Interceptor mix and have been digging it. Pretty cool edit of Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock + Jodeci - Freek'N You Davide Piras - Freek’n Planet Rock (DP edit)

  • Yeah, I still haven't been able to identify it, so...the search continues. Hopefully it was something unreleased that will eventually surface.

  • Guess I'm not the only one stumped on this one...?

  • Wondering if anyone could help with a Track ID from Umek aka Zeta Reticula's live DJ set on Top DJ Room at the Future Sounds Of Zagreb 2018 Festival:…ival-2018-20181110-zagreb Track I'm interested in knowing is at the 01hr 23min 09sec mark. (Sounds like someone sampled a part-of Dynamik Bass System - "Frequencies" and added their own touch to it, but I dig it.) Thanks in advance...

  • Hey @SpruceBringstien - Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what my likes are (I haven't cataloged anything I've purchased digitally but, I'm trying to archive what I do own in vinyl, listed below, via digital format and thus have left-out all the purchases recently made in said [digital] format): @deaflikeelvis - Nice one! Didn't know about that tag on Bandcamp, but just bookmarked it.

  • Hey @SpruceBringstien - As far as purchasing true Electro (albeit Older or Newer) - most of the GOOD stuff will still be found on vinyl pressings (and some, if not most of it, long out of print.) Bandcamp is phenomenal and has been my go-to as-of the latter, but I find there are quite a number of artists who prefer to use Beatport due to its overall reach in comparison. As for finding things actually categorized under the correct genre (i.e. "Electro" - good luck, as that would likely turn-up El…

  • Looking for a copy of this if anyone has one for sale? If interested in some sort-of deal or trade, please message me an we can work something out.

  • Now out on Anthony Rother's Bandcamp page!

  • Heard this on a set by Jensen Interceptor & Cultivated Electronics label-head Sync 24: Especially digging the track - Nega Arashi (ft. RLGN) Release date shows today's date but no stock of this (or could possibly already be sold-out) in the following places: Bandcamp, WW (Not for Russia) — Lobster, UK — Juno, UK — Phonica, UK — RedEye, UK — b…

  • Anthony Rother - 3L3C7RO COMMANDO

    intellect - - NEW RELEASES


    As posted on his social media...release slated for 11 November 2018 Anthony Rother - Instagram

  • Kraftwerk calling ISS

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    Cheers for sharing this Matthias. (Electro) Music truly transcends all...Time and SPACE....

  • One of my personal favorite Electro artists seems to have a new album ready to release (shortly) and therefore is teasing-us with a short clip of one of the tracks titled: "Me Myself Into The Future (Short Version)" via his Bandcamp page as well as a few behind-the-scenes clips showing "the making of" some of the tracks. Release is imminent (and personally, highly anticipated.) the making of 3L3C7RO COMMANDO…b20b035b7b504b2805cb20f5f

  • Streaming Music Services

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    As a current "Premium" Spotify subscriber (formerly a FREE Pandora user), I have to say that while I am sometimes impressed they have some Electro releases readily available (i.e was kind-of suprised to see stuff from Frank DeGroodt as "The Operator" as well as a number of Djax-Up-Beats releases), the quantity and quality are still not enough to satisfy my appetite. I have to admit owning well over 300GB's of music digitally (about 60% .MP3, the other 40% in .WAV format and growing) and some bei…

  • Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier (UR003) Merone - Soundscape (Electronique Lovelife / Djax-Up-301) Insektoid - Uncalculated Motion In Space (Daughter Of Consciousness / MKX003) TwoFourteen - Plugs (Esemplastic / MKX 11 LP) N)E(M ‎– Das Auge (Midimiliz Remix) - (Das Auge/Remixes / E 1101101) Növö ‎– I've Been Inoculed (I've Been Inoculed ‎/ PSI016) Claro Intelecto ‎– Section Part 2 (Section EP / Ai008) Mekka ‎– The Far Side (Deep Frequencies EP / CCR003) ADJ & Pathic - Highdiver (Progr…

  • First (Electro / Breaks) release I've seen or heard from Rabbit In The Moon in quite some time. Entire title track can be previewed on their Soundcloud account:…ectro-2444-darkart-master

  • akai mpc

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    Then in your case Steril, I could see how an MPC1000 would be better for your workflow. Since I use my MPC1000 as a Slave to Ableton Live 7 (and I do NOT use any outboard gear aside from the MPC), I would not mind having the MPC2000XL again. I would gladly trade if your MPC2000XL is fully functional and close to Mint Condition (and has a card-reader) (j/k, but not really)... Hope you're able to find what works best for you...

  • akai mpc

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    Steril, Is there any reason that you would need an MPC1000 over the MPC2000XL (besides size / portability?) The only benefits I forsee is the actual size and the memory increase (128MB Max RAM on the 1000 vs 32MB on the 2000XL) and possibly the Card Reader with USB connectivity (if you don't already have a card reader on your particular 2000XL.) Aside from that I haven't tried loading mine with the JJ-OS's as-of yet, but would love to hear more from (Electro) producers who are using the 1000 wit…