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  •…de7a06af3b610c84dc412b1a1 Spanish artist MEKA has a passionate streak a mile wide when it comes to electro. Key player behind Contacto Sintetico, DJ, label owner and a man who's love and belief in Electro as a high energy danceable medium oozes out of every track he makes. With a track record for no nonsense and intense Electro, MEKA's 'Robot Agony' continues in that vein; bringing four monstrous tracks to your ears. Welcome to the sci-fi dancefloor! bassagendareco…

  • Coming soon In BanKai Records in bandcamp and others digital shop I hope liike

  • Nuevo Disco Ban Kai Records, en Exclusiva BETA X50, nuevo Artista del label desde San Petes Burgos, Russia , espero que os guste , pronto a la venta en tiendas digitales ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ban Kai Records New Album in BETA X50 Exclusive, new artist of the label from Burgos St. Petes, Russia, hope you like it, soon to sale online [bcsong]1811142400[/bcsong] link de compra…

  • good discccc



    I love the whole disk, tiny good tracks but I liked all todossssss jajajajaja especially mine, just kidding I love all alek luck to see that in English you can also thank jejejejejejeje