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  • Out December 1st on JunoDowanlaod and one week everyhwre else: Maschinen Musik 43 Dr. Schmidt - GONE 1. Dr. Schmidt: Gone 2. Dr. Schmidt: Exotec Produced by Andreas Schmehl© Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle, Frankfurt Cover Artwork: © Eugenesergeev | Dreamstime

  • Out August 25th, 2017 as digital download: Maschinen Musik 41 Solar Chrome / Dr. Schmidt - ULTRA Track 1: Solar Chrome - Cipherbyte Track 2: Dr. Schmidt - Ting Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle/Berlin…dt-ultra-official-preview

  • MM40 - Dr. Schmidt: Needle Cast

    drschmidt - - NEW RELEASES


    Zu haben ab dem 25. Mai als digitale Release: MM40-400x400.jpg Maschinen Musik 40 Dr. Schmidt - Needle Cast 1. - Needle Cast 2. - Diamond Dogs Written & produced by Andreas Schmehl© Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle/Berlin Cover art: © Leafsomen |…edle-cast-official-teaser

  • OUT March 24th - Maschinen Musik 39 Dr. Schmidt - Reach 1. - Dr. Schmidt: Reach 2. - Dr. Schmidt: Fracture Produced by Andreas Schmehl© Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle, Frankfurt Cover Artwork: © Deniseus | - Robot Girl Photo…idt-reach-official-teaser

  • Next on Maschinen Musik - Dr. Schmidt: My Life without Love Out January 16th, 2017 Breaks and Acid Techno - couldn't be any better…out-love-official-preview

  • Out today: Maschinen Musik 34 Dr. Schmidt: Immersion 1. - Immersion 2. - Rush Here or on the download platform of your choice...

  • Zu haben ab 5. Februar. Dr. Schmidt 1. Immersion 2. Rush Maschinen Musik 34 [SOUNDCLOUD][/SOUNDCLOUD] ZU haben u.a. hier:

  • Started mixing again, and this is the first result. A wild ride through techno, electro, breakbeat and tracks in between. But don't panic - it all makes sense.

  • Out June 20th on Junodownload and June 27th everywhere else.....…ampaign=autoapprovalemail

  • Upcoming on Maschinen Musik Maschinen Musik 32 Electronic Confessions - The Space Attack E.P. Track 1: War Machines Track 2: Base Down the System Track 3: Light Speed Damages Your Health Cover Artwork: Markus Vogt Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle/Frankfurt More details soon......

  • Solar Chrome - Tesla (MM31)

    drschmidt - - NEW RELEASES


    Out today:…-chrome-tesla/2377386-02/…F8&qid=1391187158&sr=8-16

  • Solar Chrome - Tesla (MM31)

    drschmidt - - NEW RELEASES


    mm31-400x400.jpg Next out on Maschinen Musik Maschinen Musik 31 Solar Chrome - Tesla Out January 31st as digital download.

  • Out today on Junodownload:

  • 10 years, 10 friends, 10 mixes - celebrating a decade of Maschinen Musik, longtime friends and supporters picked their favorite tunes and gave them their special touch. Ten incredible mixes for your listening pleasure. Techno, Electro, BreakBeats, Dubstep, Minimal, you name it, they’re all on board, but still the unique Maschinen Musi…

  • Dave Clarke kicks off today's White Noise radio show with...... Dr. Schmidt - TEradyn (The Dexorcist Remix)…hq-pid0-3581160_audio.mp3

  • Out today on Junodownload


  • MM29: Dr. Schmidt: Teradyn 1. - Dr. Schmidt: Teradyn 2. - Dr. Schmidt: Teradyn - The Dexorcist Remix Produced by Andreas Schmehl© Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle, Frankfurt #2 remixed by Simon "The Dexorcist" Brown Coverdesign: Andreas Schmehl

  • The newest one in our Maschinen Musik channel: From the album Gunkanjima (MM23)

  • Free Mix to download

    drschmidt - - FREE DOWNLOAD & STREAM

    Post A mix done by Dr. Schmidt for the Bass Agenda Radio show featuring Tracks from the last 17 releases produced by the most renown artists and remixers of our label. I think it's a good one. I hope you enjoy it as well. Track List: 01. - Dr. Schmidt - Salvation Machine 02. - Schmidt & Chrome - E.B.M. (Blackmass Plastics rmx) 03. - T.R.O. - Phasejump 04. - Dr. Schmidt - Drill 05. - Solar Chrome - Lord of the Bits 06. - Dr. Schmidt - Lobtomia 0…