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  • DEEMPHASIS - Searching EP RELEASE DATE : February 2nd, 2020 (UKX18) The EP will be available as digital format on the UKONX Bandcamp but also on the major distribution channels, such as iTunes, JunoDownload, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. TRACK LIST : 1 - Searching 5’51’’ 2 - Sector Seven 5’35’’ 3 - Harmonic Synchronization 5’53’’ 4 - Pain 6’22’’ snippets : REVIEW FROM JUNODOWNLOAD : "Following on from 2018's Organic release, Deemphasis return…

  • UKONX RECORDINGS presents Magnetism Compilation (Volume 2) RELEASE DATE : November 3rd, 2019 (UKX17) 6 years after the first volume, the Magnetism Compilation is back ! Once again, artists from all over the world came together to create a unique compilation: navigating through the dark side of electro, then through more experimental waters, and never forgetting the roots of the movement : FRANCK KARTELL (France), DATAWAVE (Belgium), MASCHINE BRENNT(Sweden),Kretz (Sweden), COMMUTER (France), DEEM…

  • UKONX RECORDINGS presents FOTOAPPARAT - Transhumanismus EP RELEASE DATE : September 1st, 2019 (UKX16) a0467499997_16.jpg FOTOAPPARAT was born somewhere in Europe, around the 21st century. The project is thought as a multimedia experiment with roots both from the past and the future : it is the fruit of the love of strange music, social science fiction and last but not least, underground electronic subcultures. After releasing its first two EP on Dostonos Records (FUNDAMENTALE WECHSELWIRKUNG & DO…

  • UKONX RECORDINGS presents DATAWAVE - Endogenic EP RELEASE DATE : june 9, 2019 (UKX15) For the 15th release, Ukonx Recordings is pleased to welcome Datawave, the well known electro enthusiast from Brussel (Belgium). Gaétan got his first influences in the early 2000's from local radio shows and various underground parties. He started deejaying, then composing his own sounds under the moniker Datawave in 2010.Then, he has gained support from DJ’s like Dave Clarke, DVS NME, Jensen Interceptor, Umek…

  • Hi everyone, a0919826683_10.jpg Francois Dillinger (Ben Worden) bridges a gap between the two worlds of electro and techno. His journey through the genres is dark while retaining a cerebral, dancefloor-oriented quality. This stems from influences of Industrial, Detroit electro, and even Ghettotech that were a part of his first explorations as a DJ. Now, after five years away from the Motor City, his recent return has reignited a connection to those early sounds. In the studio Francois uses prima…

  • The new Sound Synthesis EP is now officially out ! This 5 tracks release is called « Soul Of The Droids » and it includes a collaboration with Datawave, and a remix by Deemphasis ! Check it out now the snippsets here :…sis-soul-of-the-droids-ep 3365414986…of-the-droids/4019954-02/ bye ! Deemphasis / Ukonx Recordings

  • Hi everyone ! Here is the latest release of Ukonx Recordings ! This time, KRETZ delivers an amazing 3 tracks EP ! check it out here : 3413716987 available on Bandcamp, junodownload, itunes, spotify... See you soon ! Deemphasis a3933862898_10.jpg

  • Hi all I'm back to present you my new release : Organic EP It's contains 4 tracks. a0161759513_10.jpg you can listen to the preview here : already available here :…ic/3915857-02/ also on itunes, spotify, etc... see you soon! Deemphasis

  • Hi everyone ! 3 months after the relaunch of Ukonx Recordings, here is the latest release : Maschine Brennt - Frisq EP It includes 3 tracks of Maschine Brennt + 1 remix track by Deemphasis a3609469582_10.jpg PREVIEW HERE : also on itunes, spotify, deezer, googleplay, etc... see you soon ! Deemphasis / Ukonx

  • Hi everyone ! it has been a long time since I post here! For the comeback of Ukonx Recordings something special was required : Here is the great collaborative project of DVS NME ( Dark Science Electro on Intergalactic FM). He is surrounded by MetaComplex, Franck Kartell and Deemphasis preview here : Available on BandCamp, Junodownload, iTunes, spotify, etc : bye bye Deemphasis / Ukonx Recording

  • (UKX08) Deemphasis - Hypnosis EP

    Deemphasis - - NEW RELEASES


    thanks a lot guys !! i appreciate a lot :):) cheeeeeers

  • Hi ! Here is my latest digital EP. (2 tracks) it's a free download a0374656190_10.jpg bye bye Deemphasis / Ukonx Recordings

  • yeaaaah! can't wait !

  • thx guys now on Junodownload

  • Hi all !!! Out now on UKONX Recordings : " Magnetism Compilation Vol.1 " Featuring MetaComplex - The Hidden Persuader - Franck Kartell - Fleck ESC - Automat - The Outsider - Deemphasis - TNT - MicroControlUnit - PI.XL - Dexterous Numerics - Offset a4108994922_10.jpg Bandcamp : Junodownload:…ilation-vol-1/2295680-02/ Addictech : I hope …

  • [UKX06] Deemphasis : Humanity

    Deemphasis - - NEW RELEASES


    thx guys !! glad you like

  • [UKX06] Deemphasis : Humanity

    Deemphasis - - NEW RELEASES


    Hi ! Here is my latest release : 1714304903-1.jpg It's a 4 track album. bandcamp : junodownload : [juno]2152735-02[/juno] I hope you'll like ! Bye !! Deemphasis / Ukonx Recordings

  • glad you like guys ! thanks !!!

  • Out now !!…-cyber-attack/2108979-02/

  • Hi All ! Franck Kartell is back ! This time on Ukonx Recordings with a 4 tracks EP : ukx05.jpg It will be released on January 4th if we are still alive ! You can check out the preview here : BANDCAMP : JUNODOWNLOAD :…-cyber-attack/2108979-02/ I hope you'll like it as much I like it Deemphasis