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  • That sucks... I used to have their stickers too, got a bunch of vinyls from LM when I first got into mixing. I want to collect each release so Ill start tracking them down elsewhere. Thanks for the tip.

  • I used to get vinyls from them years ago, are they still around, I tried to search but no website. Seems they are down?

  • Production Ideas

    Lotus Jewel - - LABORATORY


    How do you all get ideas for music projects? I have a really hard time getting something solid going... its really frustrating. I could really use some tips guys. Thanks.

  • Anything in the NW USA

    Lotus Jewel - - GIGS & PARTIES


    Im just seeking some info and connections to the area NW Pacific USA...

  • Hey Everyone! Im new to the community! A lil bout me, I love electronic music... lol and I like making music, painting, and Im just starting out making video animations as well. I use Reason and Acid Pro, I love mixing with vinyls and have some old school electro vinyls from electrowax days and before... some of my biggest influence in the Electro scene would be like Illektrolab, AS1, Morphogenic, Drexcyia, Darxid, Boris Divider, Anthony Rother, etc. Too many to list to be honest! I love house, …