3 is the magic number !!

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    • yeah I take your point but its a west ham thing I think mate

      on my hate list I have millwall, spurs and chelsea and then yourselves, with liverpool and leeds registering at strongly disliked

      beating any of them is always cause for celebration probably in the same way you love beating city and the scousers

      add to that the fact that we hadn't won at their place in 14 years, that we haven't scored away this season, that they've assembled a squad worth over 100 mill this summer and we were basically all expecting to get tonked

      yesterday was all about glorying in the victory and giving shit wherever possible to spurs supporters at work etc

      I've never really had a problem with arsenal supporters who used to be working class in the 80's /90's like us but spurs fans always saw themselves as being a bit special without any real justification so giving grief to them is always a pleasure