Bass Agenda Recordings Update

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    • Full length album from dynArec coming in February! Pre-orders open

      Through a string of releases over the last ten years dynArec has established himself as an artist that sounds like no other. Whilst his sound is close in form and feel to the mighty Drexciya he has gone beyond simply mimicking that sound and added his own stamp; evolving the sound into something truly individual which, particularly in the modern era of electronic music production, is an achievement and sign of a true artist.

      'Silver Tourist' is in many ways an insight into the many moods dynArec is able to communicate through music; there are short beautiful beatless pieces, hard energetic techno tracks, funky electro works, dark fearsome vibes, expertly crafted electro tracks with vocals that provoke thought about the worthiness of the human race and more besides. dynArec is a unique artist and Bass Agenda Recordings is delighted to be the label on which this epic sonic collection is released.

      No digital release - 100 CDs to preserve the complete works as they are meant to be heard.

      Something for everyone from an artist who sounds like no-one.

      Track list:

      1. Solar Explorations

      2. Life Is Intense

      3. Mind To Body Part 2

      4. Alpha Thesis

      5. Beyond The City Walls

      6. Silver Tourist

      7. Declination

      8. Further Investigations

      9. Elementary Lifeform

      10.First Machines

      11. Optical Lifter

      12. Mankind Goes Wrong

      13. Planetary Sanctions

      14. Silencer Tool

      15. The Remorseful Day

      16. Historic Exhale
    • Here's the review of Franck Kartell's incredible album on Bass Agenda.

      Franck Kartell - Afterlife - Bass Agenda Recordings 06

      Returning to Bass Agenda Recordings after a remarkable contribution to the inaugural release "Bass Agenda Vol.1: The Fight Against The Mundan" in 2013, Franck Kartell proudly presents his debut album on 4th Genome's almighty imprint.

      Through his releases and appearances over the last few years on some of the best labels across the globe including Transient Force, New Flesh, Ukonx Recordings, or Romance Moderne, the French electro producer has forged his own musical identity and a solid reputation.

      This impressive album 100% reflects who is today Franck Kartell, both a sensitive machine and a fatalistic human being curious about life after death (a recurrent theme in most of his works since the beginning of his musical career back in 2005).

      Awesome "Afterlife" expands his concept more than never before with a depth of electronic collages to make his most cohesive outing to date, going straight to the roots of electro. Laying down into multiple electro sub genres (from German electro to Warpean Ambient, EBM, etc.), this mind-blowing opus offers an amazingly epic journey through synth explorations, bringing organic funkyness to the artist production.

      Exquisite "State Of Inconsciousness" introduces the CD with cosmic strings, crystal clear synths melodies, and soulful sequences over a beatless rhythm giving the note of a home-listening release that will apply more to your mind than your body. Timeless!

      Nuclear "Floating Through The Tunnel" coming next serves up a fascinating tribute to Kraftwerk, one of Franck's main influences. Combination of dark layers and attractive melodies, this downtempo tune is to bring closer to the Düsseldorf quatuor success "The Hall Of Mirrors" taken from their "Trans Europe Express" album published in 1977. Off the chain.

      "Near Death Experience" invites you to explore colorful and sublime landscapes visited till there only by a handful of humans. Here again, Kraftwerk sororities echo in an obvious way: this milestone of a progressive track featuring an array of electric tones evolves in the steps of "Radioactivity LP" with its orchestral synth laments. Top notch!

      If ambient "Brain Dead" instantly following offers a nightmarish interlude based upon an intricate and gloomy atmosphere, the title track "Afterlife" signs an electro instant classic built around noir yet moody strings. Untouchable!

      While winner "Palingenesis" turns into an ethereal affair thanks to genius programming, deep "Renaissance" delivers a dreamy analog piece full of emotion, sounding like a rising sun.

      Final track "Metempsychosis" masterly concludes the album with magnificent and relaxing pads, resurrecting the association of electro and ambient styles.

      Imperative collection of height standout tracks, some of them written two years ago, massive "Afterlife", less dancefloor than Franck's previous releases, is definitively here to stay for a while thanks to its high quality. Warning: must have!

      Ltd CD, electro