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      You read it right, last friday the record dealer from stockholm came to my home with his friends in a van to pick up my life's long 20 years collection of almost 3000 vinyls, I had more but already sold the rarest ones ages ago (actually started to sell in the end of the 90's the early 90's stuff). I felt kindda sad, but you know, I do keep my knowledge.
      For the info I kindda started in 85 with a few records here and there and then stopped totally in early 2006. Financial decision had to be taken.
      My collection was mainly made of 80's electro hip-hop, then 70's & 80's funk, go-go, P-funk, soul, jazz. I completely lost the interest in buying hip-hop after 91 when the vibe was of no more interest for me, went completely downhill in my opinion.

      Long live old school 80's electro hip-hop !

      Big respect to you all guys in the EE community continuying the genre, especially to the lads that belong to EE 1st generation. ! First and best homepage of electro forever !