The Friday Project / Leeroy ( Monthly ) GFR

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    • The Friday Project / Leeroy ( Monthly ) GFR

      yes were back on the airwaves MONTHLY

      Heres the link and tracklist

      Lesson EE Pt 1&2 / DJ Wildthing
      Al naafysh Remixed / Unknown
      Heart of the beat / 3V
      Sweat / The Mechanic
      So Fine / Egyptian Lover
      Transformer / Jonzun Crew
      All the way down / Ohverclock
      Working in parallel / Code Rising
      Metanoia / Dark Vector
      All these Girls / Debonaire, Egyptian Lover & Freestyle
      We are electro / EPG
      Atomic Breakdown / Djr21
      Starforce Exodus / Blotnik Brothers

      Lectroid ( Quantum Theory Lp Showcase )

      Parametric Shift
      Dark Matter
      Synthtone 1000

      Ultrasonic Warhead / Diplomat
      Bass Galactica8 / Otto Von Schirach
      The Message / Robodrum
      Boss Level / Debonaire
      Folding Time / Gosub
      2001 / DJ Magik Mike Vs Infiniti
    • great to hear you back Leeroy. Miss your shows that you used to play here back since 2009 when I started to get back listening to the jams. Miss those top 20 countdown you used to have. I still remember those jams you used to play. I hope one day Icon Of Genius The Freestlye will be out as well as 1984 Egyptian Lover too. :)