[AGD003] Fleck E.S.C - Voodoo Modem EP

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    • [AGD003] Fleck E.S.C - Voodoo Modem EP

      Fleck E.S.C - Voodoo Modem EP [AGD003] (Anti Gravity Device)

      The 3rd EP from Anti Gravity Device is Fleck E.S.C's 3 electro tracks.
      To be on sale on May 15.

      1. Voodoo Modem
      2. Life Force
      3. Plate Fun

      Digital release on anti-gravity-device.bandcamp.com/


      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Cat. No: AGD003
      Release Date: 15 May 2014
      Produced by Fleck E.S.C
    • Here's my review, guys:

      Fleck E.S.C - Voodoo Modem EP - Anti Gravity Device AGD003
      Unless you spent the last twenty years of your life off the shoulder of Orion, without any connection to Earth, you might have already heard about another French activist going by the name of Franck Collin aka Fleck E.S.C. This prolific artist originally from France now living in Tokyo, Japan, has been seriously influenced by contemporary music, from New Wave to Techno passing through Ambient genre. His passion for Sci-Fi and B-movies naturally droves him to AE35's Anti Gravity Device imprint.

      With the "Voodoo Modem E.P.", Fleck E.S.C demonstrates his skill to provide horrific and futuristic electro through this crisp and refined three tracker. Bringing precise electro beats fused into discrete acid loops and intricate arpeggios with Japanese influences over a slow down rhythm, well cadenced "Voodoo Modem" introduces the digital release with a surprisingly synthetic yet dense sound.

      Classic and premium "Life Force", coming next, sounds like a trippy and introspective journey into the depths of your brain. Alienating synth layers leaded by textured modulations combine to dark and pounding beats while a groovy baseline broadcasts cerebral vibes. Ace!

      Fresh "Plate Fun" concludes the E.P. with cheap retro sounds, laser blasters and dark melodies to clean up your brain. A raw and typically groovy production, infected with warmth and emotion: the result of many years spent in the studio to refine Fleck E.S.C's musical style.

      Author of a vertiginous discography, having released so far six albums and more than a dozen of EP's on esteemed imprints such like Shameless Toady, Ukonx Recordings, Electrix Records, Binalog>>>Productions, Electro Avenue Records, Devine Disorder Records or Mars Frequency just to name but a few, Fleck E.S.C never stops and will appear within the next few days on Adam Grow's CHP Recordings! Meanwhile, rush on this release on AGD, you won't regret it!
      Digital, electro