[LSRGM035] Dr Floyd - Desktopeffekt OUT ON 31/10/2014

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    • [LSRGM035] Dr Floyd - Desktopeffekt OUT ON 31/10/2014

      [LSRGM035] Dr Floyd - Desktopeffekt OUT ON 31/10/2014

      LASERGUM RECORDS presents:

      Dr Floyd - Desktopeffekt OUT ON Oct 31, 2014
      Kirill Junolainen is finnish/russian electronic musicmaker, graphic designer, film director. Son of a deep underground. Began the first musical experiments in 1989. The first record is dated 1991. Started creativity in industrial music. Was the adherent of DIY culture. In the 90's won glory of the sound experimenter and electromusical nonconformist. Preferred an analog sound of synthesizers and the sound environment of factories and plants. Very often, records and lives that time abounded with the terrible howl, cacophony, sound cannonade also a roar. In the late nineties passed to softer sound. Experiments ended almost. Since the beginning of the 00's he writes down and executes music softer and pleasant for the listeners. Gives preference to such styles as electro/techno/electrodisco/ambient. His modern creativity is filled with beautiful melodies and pleasant sounds. It equally is suitable for sound landscapes of the airport, shop, factory or metro station.
      news from Kirill Junolainen aka Dr Floyd. electro/techno/electronic lines in one album.

      available here: