Mike Ash - Artificial (borg023)

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    • Mike Ash - Artificial (borg023)

      Brand new LP from Mike Ash
      :blaster: Real ELECTRO my friends :blaster:

      "The name Mike Ash is like hearing the name of a quality car or wine.
      As soon as you hear it and his music you know
      (1) You're not going to be disappointed
      (2) the music is the result of careful finely tuned craftsmanship and
      (3) you'll want to experience it again and again.
      This album is no exception.
      The perfect balance between spacey atmospheres,
      brazen beats and that trademark acid sound awaits. Buy It"

      4th Genome at Bass Agenda - facebook.com/BassAgenda


      "Borg Recordings brings us Mike Ash´s new album Artificial,
      a cultivated mix of electro techno and atmospheric acid electro.
      The bassline conjuror with his flanger creates a beautifully acidic atmosphere,
      interlaced with dark and high impact tracks like Another Species,
      ElectroTech and the harder n darker mix of Escape Velocity.
      Including reissued artificial mixes of Human Downfall and Cosmic Structure,
      their raw acid sounds re-crafted to fit perfectly into the album´s atmosphere,
      without losing any of their impact. The absolutely stunning,
      fast-paced brilliance of Algorhythm Logarhythm, already a favorite,
      is further proof of the electro-acid genius that is Mike Ash."

      Laris Maker - facebook.com/Elektrodos