[AGD008] Dubb Parade - You're Free Remixes

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    • [AGD008] Dubb Parade - You're Free Remixes

      Dubb Parade - You're Free Remixes [AGD008] (Anti Gravity Device)

      1. You’re Free (The Hidden Persuader Remix)
      2. Rude Boy (Alavux Remix)
      3. You’re Free (Space Thunder X Remix)
      4. Rude Boy (AE35 Remix)

      Digital release on: Bandcamp

      This is the remixes of Dubb Parade’s last EP, “You’re Free EP” [AGD007].
      Remixed by Alavux, The Hidden Persuader, Space Thunder X and AE35.

      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Cat. No: AGD008
      Release Date: 10 Dec 2014

      Artwork By Dubb Parade
      Mastered By Space Thunder X

      Dubb Parade PROFILE:

      Japanese producer based in in Gunma, Japan. He makes Techno, Electro, Juke/Footwork, Gorge, Tech House, etc.


      Alavux PROFILE:

      Alavux is one of the pioneers that have spread the fresh electro and techno sound from Eastern Europe together with his E75 Records crew. His vision is to merge electro, techno and unusual sounds into one. He is creating Sound Packs for “Zenhiser” Media Company- Australia, broadcasted various radio shows “ElektroMagnetni Branovi Show” on Radio MOF and “Emiter” on Radio Elektrana , releasing for E75 Records, Twilight76 Online, ToyFriend Music & Teskoba Records, releasing free patches for synths like Itchy Synths Overdose, his works are promoted by Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Odessa Soundfreaks, DVNT/Darkfloor, Luka Bauman, 8UWV,BlackSmithCraft , Coefficent , Dj Mad Wax, DVS NME and many many others.
      He has played with his favorite Dj’s and producers (various style of music) like Charles Siegling from Techansia, Jeff Mills, Jessie Voorn, Paul Voolford, Chris Liberator, ManasyT.
      He is one of the regular performers on Elektrana Stage on Exit Festival since its foundation in 2005; also has performed on numerous electronic music festivals in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria etc. His first music success had arrived in 1997, at his age of 17, reaching the first top five on national electronic music charts with his first track “San”. Sound Experiments continued with alter techno ego project called “Solaris Path”.


      The Hidden Persuader PROFILE:

      The Hidden Persuader’s music is Electro, funk fueled, glitchy and direct. Emitting tones and beats out of Wales, UK. Typical sound sources consist of circuit bent instruments, frequency feedback, loop and software manipulation and bass.


      Space Thunder X PROFILE:

      At the present time, is not so many people to know its name. However, artists with a first-class experimental spirit in the current scene, it’s Space Thunder X.
      He organized the “TOKYO ELECTRO BEAT PARK” in the 2000s. This is a foundation that is based on Electro was born in Tokyo, he is the center members.
      Has been released several EP from “TOKYO ELECTRO BEAT RECORDINGS” label that the party based.
      Still today, he is doing a live performance / DJ play.
      STX “conscious and unconscious to connect” it to say that recent theme. His attitude to pursue a music that can not be only to himself is authentic. As long as the music continues to exist in the world, is not able to stay his curation greed.
      And, even sound that he gives off tonight are ringing somewhere in Tokyo. It is young people who feel the possibilities for the future.


      AE35 PROFILE:

      Yosuke Ikeda aka AE35 is an Electro DJ / Producer in Tokyo, Japan.

      In 2000 he started an event with his partners called “Tokyo Electro Beat Park”. Then he launched an electro label “Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings”, released some compilations. In 2007, he released his first EP “Electric Sunrise E.P.” from Fdb Recordings. His “Underdrain EP” was chosen as 2nd out of 5 in Dave Clarke’s Electro Top 5 Nov 2013.

      In 2014, he left “Tokyo Electro Beat Park” and launched new electro label named “Anti Gravity Device”.

      His massive-electro style is regarded highly both at home and abroad. He is making electro- machine-beats from the land of rising sun to the world.