Dark Science Electro presents: Naks

    • Mix/Podcast

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    • Dark Science Electro presents: Naks


      Guest mix by Naks - Berlin based DJ playing electro, acid and italo.

      Le Syndicat Electronique - Ewigkeit
      Randomer - Huh
      Univac - Untitled
      Mono Junk - I´m Okey
      An-i - Rut
      Objekt - Balloons
      Gesloten Cirkel - Arrested Development
      Dynarec - Harmonic Knight
      Dexter - Senderwahl
      TR \\ ER - UC
      DJ K-1 - Plastic People (Microthol Mix)
      Photodementia - Synovium
      The Exaltics - Auxiliary Ship
      Helena Hauff - Accidie