Binalog Frequency - MetaMan sampler

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    • Binalog Frequency - MetaMan sampler

      Special Bandcamp-only sampler from my forthcoming album "MetaMan". Mixes are more or less different than the ones included in the album. All proceeds from this release will be used to finance the physical version (professionally duplicated CD-r with full artwork on 4-panel digipak). This EP is available for purchase until the album comes out (end of May); then it will be deleted.

    • Review by Santino Fernandez on Technobass

      "Binalog Frequency returns with a 5-track sampler from "MetaMan", the artists's upcoming full-length album, here available as a sort of "kickstarter" type fundraiser for what will be a 4 panel digipak CDr album. A man who resembles more of a machine, never stopping on what is now years of non-stop music delivered with ingenuity and class; and under many psedonyms, back again with some of his best work yet.

      First off on this collection is "Photons", a Detroit inspired jam with a funky bassline that is soon met by soothing pads that begin to move as the Techno beats roll in. Reminiscent of the works of Kraftwerk, the song begins its playful mood about halfway through as gleaming arpeggios add a bit of groove to this fantastic song.

      Next up we find "Impact", which is a bit reminiscent of the works of Radioactive Man, or even Octagon Man, with complex percussive arrangements, and here a pounding 4x4 beat that really steps up the funk in style with the power of the 909. Sawtooth bass synths gently filter in and out, as mind-melting swirls collide with dazzling sequences....tune!!!

      "Infinity" comes up next, also dropping the Techno beats in, which unfold after a bizarre intro, leading you into an even more bizarre arrangement of punishing bleeps and percussive elements that get you moving with lots of energy. "Praxis 1" on the other hand, starts with a beautiful piano, as soothing synths decorate the background. In time, spellbinding sonic interactions weave into a mischevious tune full of innovative programming, that straddles between the line between a bit of Tech House, and Techno, done with class and determination.

      Lastly, we have "Esoteric Calibrations", the Electro Funk tune of the record, full of charming pads, and luminous sequences that dance around a funky sawtooth bassline as pulsing tones add some depth...ace song! Very well done.

      This 5 song sampler is meant to be an early release of some of the songs that will accompany the up and coming album, which will be funded by sales from this publication. Support now by visiting the label's Bandcamp page, and do your part in helping what will be a fantastic album come to won't be disapointed!"…frequency-metaman-sampler