James Wolfe | July 2015 Technobass.net feature

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    • James Wolfe | July 2015 Technobass.net feature

      James Wolfe is one of those guys that really needs no introduction, but just in case you haven't kept up with the last nearly 20 years of Electro Bass history, we will give you the scoop on this fascinating Florida artist with years upon years of experience as a DJ, Producer, and Label Owner. As one of Florida's most renowned DJ's, "Kid Wonder" as some would call him, started out as a young and highly dedicated professional, DJ'ing at some of the most notorious festivals and events not just in the region, but all across the nation. Having spent many years as an employee of the legendary "DJ Store" in West Palm Beach, later going on to work at the equally legendary Dancetarium record store, he not only learned about the vast music catalog available; primarily coming out of Europe, but also essentially single-handedly helped to expose a generation to music that otherwise would have never made it over to the state.

      Later being taken under the wing of iconic producer David Noller of Dynamix II, James Wolfe would learn the craft of producing classic Electro Bass, shortly after releasing his debut "Techtonic Plates E.P." on his new imprint Frajile Recordings. Since then, the label and artist have had a very prolific run, bringing us many classic 12" hits by artists like his own Resident Alien, Exzakt, Scratch-D, not to mention a wide selection of titles by himself, including his new pseudonym "F8".

      This month, James Wolfe records his first-ever Technobass.net feature, bringing us many released and unreleased songs carefully selected, and in some cases exclusively made available to him specifically for this carefully produced set. Don't sleep on this one, as this is a rare appearance, and one that will go down in the books and one of our best yet!


      1. Anthony Nuzzo - Evil Directed You Here | Frajile Recordings
      2. JimiTheGenius - Our Style | Kuad Recordings
      3. F8 - Space Station | Frajile Recordings
      4. Korrupted Brothers - You Know The Business | Frajile Recordings
      5. Brice Kelly - Return From Darkness | Frajile Recordings
      6. Korrupted Brothers - Alien Seeds | Frajile Recordings
      7. James Wolfe - Electric Charge | Frajile Recordings
      8. Ashrock - Miami | Kuad Recordings
      9. UBM - Mystical Valley - (F8 Elektro Remix) | Unknown
      10. Carl Finlow - Sub Unit | Outside Recordings
      11. Amper Clap - Sands Of Time | Amper Clap Productions
      12. Debbie D – Supertweak - (James Wolfe’s 809 Re-Tweak) | Genuine Debbie D Records
      13. Dimes (JimiTheGenius Bass Edit) | Kuad Recordings
      14. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence - (Wolfe’s Elektro Bass Rework) | Frajile Recordings
      15. BreaksJunky and Alekay - Get Em | Theoryon Records
      16. Anthony Nuzzo – Eraser | Frajile Recordings
      17. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life - (James Wolfe’s Elektro Bass Rework) | Frajile Recordings
      18. Cloak & Dagger - Darkfall | Frajile Recordings

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