Subsonic Device [SD027] - KRYPTON 81 :: OUTPOST ALPHA CENTAURI :: out and available now !!!

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    • Our review of this incredible release:

      Subsonic Device, the powerful German imprint responsible for such classics as Darxid's "You", Supreme.Ja's "Digimachine", as well as Morphogenetic's "The Time Is Now", returns with one of their most unique releases to date: Krypton 81's "Outpost Alpha Centauri". This 9 song album is a complete journey to our nearest star system, where innovative synth compositions, layered by vintage overtones take control and take you to a space where we are no longer in soundscapes accustomed to...this is, Alpha Centauri after all, so strap on your seatbelts, and make sure there is plenty of oxygen, as this is a one way trip from which you will never return!

      The first song we find is "Protocol Alpha", a beautiful intro in the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, where vintage synth flights begin lift off as we are met by swirling bits of space dust. A palpable feeling sets in as earth drops down below, and we notice the magnitude of this journey we are now embarking on...hold on, for there is no turning back now, Alpha Centauri is our destination! Next up, "Genetic Mutation" begins to gallop in stride as shrill arpeggios join together with playful step sequences designed with care and skill. This song has a great vibe to it, even if a bit mischievous at times; but then again, we are in the middle of space now, and nothing from here on will be as it seems.

      "Quantum Levitation" comes in next, and is perhaps my favorite. This one reminds me of some of the recent works on Plonk Recordings, another favorite of mine, and here delivered with a strong sense of purpose. Inspiring synths envelope around the beats with mystique, as determined arpeggios sweep in and out with warmth and oozing with analog goodness. Alluring female vocals work in tandem with robotic voices, as intelligent...Read on!