Wizdum | August 2015 Technobass.net feature

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    • Wizdum | August 2015 Technobass.net feature

      Wizdum aka “Wiz” is no stranger to our scene. Born near the iconic Techno city of Detroit, and starting out in music as a bonafide old school party kid at The Edge in Fort Lauderdale around 1995, Wiz would begin to learn the tools of the trade under the wing of underground Florida Electro Breaks master DJ Clueless, who would teach him the ways of the wheels of steel, not to mention the philosophy of the scene and in many ways the world.

      Over the years, Wizdum would begin to forge his own sound, eventually self-releasing the punishing tune “The Last Starfighter” on Electro-Digital.com and Amazon; a mysterious Techno Bass tune in the fashion of Aux 88, and artists like Posatronix; eventually leading to his reuniting with long-time friend Morphogenetic, who would bring him onboard to remix the classic hit “Super Tweak” by Florida Breaks pioneer DJ Debbie D.

      Look out for much more, as Wiz is just warming up his engines, and the future looks very bright for this incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, DJ and Producer. Expect another project with Morphogenetic in the future, as well as his own solo productions, which will undoubtedly help the artist continue to grow as he himself continues to carry on his path in gaining true wisdom.



      1. DJ Debbie D - SuperTweak (Wizdum remix) | Genuine Debbie D Recordings
      2. Wizdum - Last Starfighter | Self-Released
      3. Merlyn - Jock The Bells (V.SP1200) | KUAD Recordings
      4. Chevy One and Stanley Knife - Be King Booty | The Pooty Club Records
      5. Defkline - Bass Shaker | Hot Cakes
      6. Curtis B - Yo Body! | Ravesta Records
      7. DJ Fixx and Keith Mackenzie - Puff Puff Pass | DogEatDog Records
      8. Agent K - This Beat | Ravesta Records
      9. Fendaheads - Break of Dawn ( The Egyptian Lover remix ) | Dominance Records
      10. DJ Hero, Mike Nice and Jett - Is It Real | Solitude Studios
      11. Pepe Le Wiz - Bangers & Mash (Mega Mix) | Unreleased
      12. Wizdum - Where Did Our Love Go | Unreleased
      13. Jimmy Edgar - My Beats | Warp Records
      14. Defkline - My Love | Hotcakes
      15. Bass Junkie - Sub-mission | Battle Traxx
      16. MicroControlUnit - Save The World (Morphogenetic remix) | Fundamental Bass Intelligence

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