August 2015 Artist Highlight | Lektroid

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    • August 2015 Artist Highlight | Lektroid

      Born Richard Elliott, Lektroid as we have come to know him, is no new face in the Electro scene. Starting out as a child who fell in love with the building of DIY synthesizers, he would eventually follow the path of least resistance and start writing his own music in the 80's, after years of being inspired by many of the sounds of the decade, as well as the devices he loved building. As Elliott explains: "I was into electronics as a child and made a career out of it. I started building my first resonant filters in my lunch breaks when I was working for a company building aircraft communications systems (Avionics) back in 1989, using all their resources (with their permission of course)…All because the Casio CZ synth I had at the time didn't have a filter".

      Not long after, and heavily inspired by music he would be exposed to after frequenting the club "Tekno Dream" in England, Elliott would make his debut in 1992 during the explosion of Breakbeat and Rave Music as part of his "Brainstorm Crew", releasing the "Southey Woods E.P.", eventually leading to a deal with Formation Records, where him and his teammates would release "Plastic E.P.", and "Red E.P." on the label's sub-label "F-Project". Having been a big fan of Electro Funk music in the 80's, his progression would eventually lead him down this path, though it would be quite some time, as the Rave scene was alive and well, and there was unfinished business to tend to. As Elliott comments: "There was much more of a vibrant underground scene then, and easy to sell vinyls in the thousands". Elliott continued on his own as "Brainstormer" through the 90's and into the 2000's, where releases like "My Love" (SST/2007) and "Time Travel" on Ruffneck Recordings (2008), would keep him always closely connected to his roots where it all began for him.

      Lektroid would finally come into being in 2009 as the short-lived but highly enthusiastic era of the return of Street Sounds came to fruition, thankfully catching the attention of the artist who until that point had not been sure if this music even still existed. After posting two of his all-time classics, "Solar Storm" and "Modular" on Electro Empire as demos, within one week Lektroid was now en-route to becoming a household name as both Street Sounds and Dominance Electricity would pick up these tunes for the Nu Electro Vol. 2 compilation, as well as Global Surveyor Phase 3; putting the artist on the international map as a heavy contender who raised the bar with pure class and...Read on!

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