Various - Paralleluniversum (Hip Hop & Electro) 2x12" / CD ...+ Hyboid, Dagobert, Diplomat

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    • Various - Paralleluniversum (Hip Hop & Electro) 2x12" / CD ...+ Hyboid, Dagobert, Diplomat

      Before there were the Dominance and Harzfein labels in the city of Dessau, Germany there were the "Pioniermanöver" (Pioneer Maneuver) albums on Halb 7 Records in 1994 and 1995. These compilations where some of the first released documents of the East German Hip Hop scene in the back then still freshly reunited country. They also included debuts by people of the Dominance and Harzfein crews, like the group Prime Dominance, DJ Magic Mayer, ZM Jay or Dagobert.

      20 years later, Selekta Ras, one half of Prime Dominance, created the "Paralleluniversum" project featuring many of the original "Pioniermanöver" artists and some new talents. The 20 songs ranging from German Rap, a little Reggae & Trap to Electro, coming from German cities such as Leipzig, Dessau, Dresden, Magdeburg, Berlin or Munich, are now available on 2x12" vinyl and CD.

      Various - Paralleluniversum (Paralleluniversum Records)

      01. Selecta Ras – PU Intro
      02. Dude & Phaeb – 1989 (IAMPAUL RMX)
      03. Jokestar & SMC – Melodic Dancer
      04. Rasputin – 94
      05. Casper Hight & MIZBEATZ – Zeit Von Damals
      06. Brandcanyonbeton – Bummsman
      07. Antihelden – Dämonen
      08. Seysn33 – Echte Mucce
      09. ZM Jay & Ronny Trettmann – Sie Will Ein' Sachsne
      10. Die 3 glorreichen 5 (Poise, ZM Jay & Mirco Nontschew) – Reggae, Reggae
      11. Funkfood Records feat. No Mercy – Hold Up Da Mic
      12. Funkfood Records – Lonesome City Cowboy RMX
      13. Psycho79 – Was Geht? RMX (Vinyl) / Träume Diesen Traum RMX (CD)
      14. Ras'n'Diplomat – Ultrasonic Warhead (Far I RMX)
      15. Bionicx – The Rush
      16. Duktus – DE Town Cruiser
      17. Ras'n'Magic – Straight Out Of Volkmarsdorf
      18. 2wei (aka Magnetic Bass Force & DJ Magic Mayer / Harzfein) – Maschinen Bereit
      19. Hyboid – Hyperdrive
      20. The Dagonaut – Hyperdrive 2

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